Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Liquid Meditation and Avoiding The Cannibals

Showers happen every day. Yes. There is always that one shower though that does more than clean your tootsies, it cleans your soul.

Well, not completely, but you walk feeling squeaky clean inside and out and chipper enough to get bruised up and bullied again before the next shower.

These magical showers usually happen for me in the evening, when the purpose is not to be clean for something, but just to feel clean. You put on some music, turn off the lights, and the gray light of winter comes in and says, "What up, girl. You are all alone. This is your moment. Now dance."

And I do. I move in the semi-darkness and feel happy and scrub-a-dub-dub. Feels good.

I love being clean. And as Summer approaches Cleanliness and Getting Fit are moving to the Top of my never ending: Needs Improvement List.

Summer in the City can be awful if don't know how to work it. I need the right products to keep me feeling good, because there is nothing worse then feeling like shit on a hot, stinky day.

I also can't bare to have this little bit of Mac Flab around my hips and stomach, it just does not feel right.

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I would like to go back to when I was a ballet dancer and working hard. My dancer teacher grabbed me by the arm mid-plie and said, "Stop losing weight." And I loved it.

I was still eating and lazing about, but the daily exercise was enough to shrink any of the holiday weight I had to simply skin and bones. I like skin. And bones. And eating. Never fear, I love eating. I just need to work out more. I don't want to be a rake, I just don't want any of this extra meat.

I do not plan to be eaten.

Love The Necessity of Light, Loose Clothing and a Fruit Cup.


Dizzknee said...

Summer in New York is pretty darn similar to summer in Toronto. I've most definitely experienced both. It gets ridiculously hot here in Toronto and the only thing that combats that effectively is air conditioning, and lots of it.

Being fit can definitely help though. Other than the obvious benefits, it certainly can make the humid summer months in these parts much more bearable. Perhaps you should take a dance class or something...if you've got the time.

I find that the best way to get/keep in shape is to do something you love. Regular working out tends to bore me pretty quickly...so for me it's football and baseball, which I'll be starting up pretty soon.

So however you do it, good luck with the whole getting fit(ter) thing. : )


Chris in the Studio said...

DAM IT CAITLIN, "stop losing weight!"

CC said...

Great post!

Reading thorough that, I felt like I wanted to take a shower. It is 5:45 in the afternoon. ... I just might.

BTW - what happened to your home page? Did you flip everything around? It looks off now...

james said...

Clean and fit. I like your style. With such goals in mind, you are well on your way to maintaining and even improving that characteristic effervescent radiance of yours. I have similar standards for my own “upkeep”. I must say, though, that having grown up in the South, I don’t mind the sweatiness of hot and humid summer days. After all, it’s just the body’s evolved attempt to prevent its organs from baking. Plus, it makes that evening shower all the more refreshing.


Brent said...

Since you share one bathroom with three other people; I can imagine how difficult it can be to clean the necessities. Having a shower during the evening; there's no worry of running out of hot water and less incessant knocking on the door, telling you to hurry up. More quality time for you, without the feeling of being rushed by a clock.

I really like what you did to your blog format: moving the personal info to the left, adding the follower's avatars and the Flickr widget - Nice and clean, just like you after a nice and relaxing evening shower! :D

JoMiMo555 said...

I know it's probably wasteful but in the summer on especially hot days i take 2 showers, one in the morning and a cool one in the evening.

I know what ya mean about losing some extra weight. I'm not really fat, but I could definitely stand to lose some of the excess flabbiness:P A good way to get in shape and stay that is to take some sort of martial arts/fighting class. When I move to New York, I'm gonna take some Krav Maga classes. It's practical (self defense) and healthy! If you're looking for some fun you should try it!

Keep on rockin'!


Nathan Pralle said...

My showers are my savior, each and every day, twice -- once to wake up, once to wind down before sleep. When traveling from home or in an odd place, if there's one thing I miss, it's my showers. Me on a deserted island would be very depressed indeed.

Lyla said...

LOVE BEING CLEAN TOO. its the best hahahahha

theunknowngirl91 said...

LOVE BEING CLEAN TOO. its the best hahahahha


JesseTaylorSmith said...

A shower will practically make or break the day for me..
If one goes without a shower for a day,
One goes without sanity, helpfulness or sign of a pleasant mood... If someone gets a happy vibe from me, they have mistake my honest cynical contempt for mostly everyone..

And then it hits 11, and I'm fully functional and cooperative.

Or maybe I'm talking about coffee?
I'm not sure, they're interrelated and both essential.

jmarbas said...

Wow I thought I was the only one who liked to shower at night. I like feeling clean before I go to bed.

MySirAylon said...

I really enjoy your blog, and has added it to my regular favorite to follow.

anythingannoying said...

I really want to comment on your last line there... but I won't... yet.