Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The First Page...

page one., originally uploaded by hrrrthrrr.

The first page of a journal is often a disappointment for me. This lovely lady took a different approach for battling Page One jitters and created something great.

Sometimes, I'll look back through my journal and be disappointed. I'll wish that I had made more entries or drawn more or wrote more clearly, and sometimes I often find myself filling up the pages of my journal just so I can start a new one and start again.

I think that is why I enjoy stationery shops so much. There is so much hope within blank pages, and something magical about how it is all put together.

Maybe its ancient tree magic? Hmm... All I know is that a blank page can contain so much beauty, and I will hopefully spend my entire life aiming for that sweet satisfaction of a relieving journal entry or twinkle of pride for a good drawing... just little, simple things... perhaps with a veranda bathed in morning sunshine and nice cup of tea...


Brent said...

It feels exceptionally comforting to know that I am not the only out there that is obsessed with paper. I always wanted sketch books, writing tablets and sheaves of paper for Christmas.

Luckily, with the Internet; I can save a few trees.

Adam said...

I read that march 19th blog of yours. You're way too young to even be contemplating giving up. I was broke until I was 26. Though I'm not in the entertainment field, I am very well off now. Some people don't succeed till later or much later in life. But, for goodness sake, you're still a baby. To be honest (and I know it doesn't feel like this too you) when I read your blog It made me chuckle a little bit, not because I don't empathise, but because It's a 20 year old kid declaring 'woe is me I haven't succeeded in fulfilling all my dreams yet and I'm like 20'. The reality is that you are a young bright person and have your whole life ahead of you. Ther is no reason for you to give up on anything, especially not at such a young age. If you want to achieve something. Takeout a piece of paper, write your goals down, logically and thoroughly set goals (specifics) of what needs to be done to attain said goals put in a timeframe and go and hit the grund running. If you fail (and unless you hit the lottery, you will fail at first) then understand that this is the way to succeed. What seperates the winners from others is that the winners get back up dust themselves off and try again. You can do it. Give em hell kid. God bless you.

Chris in the Studio said...

What kind of blows my mind is how someone so young in human years can find such beauty and depth in simple things like paper and the relationship it has with the tree that created it. Yes, indeed it is magic, but not the magic of the tree which is of a different sort. Its the magic of a deep and thoughtful soul such as your self that can breath life into the deadest and darkest of things with just a whisper.

And god help us when you smile.

If I started a journal today it would be about how profoundly one of my youngest most beautiful friends changed my life from the darkest imaginable reality into a future full of blank pages begging for a full palate of colors with just such a smile.

Adam said...

There sure is something about a stationary store. People just get lost in them. I know you aren't the only one.I think the only reason i hate a journal is if i feel like i have to write in it and the stuff i write about is nothing that i really care about. Those are the journals that die for me, those are the journals that were better off as trees.

james said...

Yea that is a pretty awesome first page.

I used to keep journals back in the days when I also kept notebooks full of my formal learning. One collection of pages containing my personal musings tucked under another containing mind numbing quantities of formulae and graphs that I will probably never use plopped next to another with random analysis of some long dead civilization. At the time, I also had a fine collection of bottled sunshine. I bet that collection would be worth a fortune today. Ah those were good days. Maybe I should begin keeping journals again.

Anyway, I haven’t had much experience with stationary stores. A good old spiral bound college ruled notebook has served me well since grade-school, so I’ve never ventured much beyond that. I do, however, appreciate some good origami paper.


Anarina said...

i love when you (or anybody else) say something that i completelly agree with.

well, i almost consider you a twin, because you hate the movie Closer.

ps: you, the lady with the most original signatures, came up with a way too normal title for your blog. "reflections and dreams"? come on, you can do better!

Anonymous said...

Haha.I have kept like, 9 journals now. I started collecting them before when I was younger, but it's hard to keep up with them now that there's my blog! lol! (:

JoMiMo555 said...

I used to buy fill journals with stickmen storyboards of popular movies.

Lately though, I've been keeping a sleep journal by my bed to track and remember my dreams.

Also, I approve of the time at which this was posted!

anythingannoying said...

I tore the first page out, so I wouldn't have to deal with this problem.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly how i feel about journals :) i'm w/ ya on this one!

erin meagan said...

I agree with everything you've said in this lovely blog post.
That picture is also very adorable, I wish I could start my notebooks in a more creative and good looking way.

I wROte it. said...

So it is good to see I am not the only one who loves a good stationary shop! I have this bad habit of buying new journals...wayyyy before I'm even done with my last. I do the same..Just fill the last pages, so I can get to the new one. There is something exciting about a new journal. I'm not that great a writer though LOL, so i usually end up disappointing myself. haha. So, anywho, on another note, just wanted to let you know you have been a great inspiration to me. First because through your videos and such, I've come to be comforted by the fact that I'm not the only nutter in the world..LOL.
You are my Australian "Soul Sista!" haha.
Second, you have shown me that an ordinary person can do extraordinary things if they work hard and stick to it. Thank you Caitlin, for being Caitlin. Because you are awesome.

Nathan said...

I usually title the notebook with it's obvious purpose

"lit-crit journal" or whatev, turn the page and write "this page left intentionally blank"

when I see those pages in real books it always puzzles me as to their complete uselessness but it's also quietly amusing

thus that's what I do to cope with first page anxiety