Monday, 12 June 2006

Woah! & The Return Of That Feeling...

I have made this Most Viewed section of the Videos on Buzznet! On the 3rd or 4th page...

And all because I included the word Panic! Hahaha.

Silly fans!


That old feeling that I thought I had long forgotten has returned.

Maybe it's because over this weekend I have been surrounded by charming men.

But I suddenly feel that old longing to be with someone or like someone. But I can't bring myself up to actually "liking" anyone because I keep seeing the reasons not too before I even do.

Usually the reasons, 'It would be embarrassing if they found out' and age are the main ones that stop me from liking anyone.

But golly, heehee - golly, do I feel that feeling of longing again - It's a pretty awesome feeling, but depressing at the same time...maybe it's just because I watched Titanic on TV last night and balled my eyes out? Maybe it's because for a long time I've had a good time with other guys other than know, like, he isn't the only good guy out there.

I had a really good weekend, rehearsing and chilling out at my Mum's home. It's really peaceful there.

I was in a bad mood when I got to work, but as soon as Sam and Stacy started to warm up to me, and Sam talked about his feelings and how his girlfriend broke up with him we all had a really good laugh. EDIT 10/17/10: Umm, okay? I'm sure it wasn't as cruel as you wrote it. I would like to have Sam like me, he's really cute and funny...but I know it wouldn't work, and I know he couldn't like me. I'm cheering on for a Stacy and Sam couple, they would be really nice together and he would probably bring Stacy out of her shell more. Stacy is cool, but sometimes she seems really cold towards me - I don't know what she thinks of me.

Man, I feel like a whining Big Brother contestant. Ugh.

I had an OK time when Ben came in too, I did that trick where you knock the back of someones knee and their leg buckles...and then he jokingly tried to put me in the bin, but stopped...and then he was like, Sam, let's put Caitlin in the Recycling Bin...but they didn't...I don't really want to look at if he really hates me or not, but he was laughing nicely the whole time so I don't think he was doing it out of, I would really like to be good friends with him, we have some good times...but I couldn't go out with him...I wish he wouldn't be such a sook and just accept that!


Anyway, I'm tired of talking, all these love and sexy songs are coming on, on random player...and it's freaking me out - I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT COUPLES OR LOVE OR SEX OR ANY OF THAT CRAP!

Gosh, the boys in ************* !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - from caitlin EDIT 10/17/10: I wish I knew what I was referring too... Hmm.

Latro & Love Always The Enchanted Hat & The Butterfly Stomach.

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