Saturday, 24 June 2006


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If superman was a normal human being, what would he be doing instead of saving the world?

It is these thoughts and more the penetrate this deep abyss of a brain of mine.

I am in Hercules...



And ice blue contact lenses for Cane and Red Dress!

Sarah? England?

Stupid money - not enough!

Boo, money!

Work, work, work.

Wanda is a bitch.

Boo to her.

I like Rum & Raisin icecream.

I don't feel well.

Early starts! Early starts!

No Day But Today - Oy - Look over here!

Fog! I'm singing in the fog, just singing in the fog, what a wonderful feeling I feel like a frog!

I ran on the road, I swung on a pole, I danced in the fog!

Aaaah, darn Luke and Tracey watching!

I'm not talking to you matey!

7/11 hours? Who knows!?

Too much shift changing at Blockbuster.

Boring day today there.

Sore and tired.

Stressed and losing weight, losing fat in the boobs - NO!!!

Aw friends!

I'm Emma, nah nah nah - just kidding, aw, that was funny.

Love you Sarah & Emma & Emma & Sarah.

Alex's birthday coming up.

Wedding dress - pretty.

Saw mum, ate noodles...nice house.

Driving with grandma a lot.

License - too lazy! Licence...Lisence...Lisense...heeheehee.

Crows and hallways.

Kisses recieved.

Very nice.

Don't know what to do now.

Just what things to stay the same.

Glad it happened though.


Hello James!

Drove me around to rehearsals.

The Breakfast Club would make such a good play.

Pajama Game, Bugsy Malone - which to try for.

Stage Manager - Harray!

Aw - nice program photos...want copies!

All ok for G.

Cane tomorrow!

Work for free - ugh?

Remi is famous! Wow!

Movies - I must see more!

Sleep is needed.


I like food, but not right now, and stomach wants some, but I'm too tired.

Gotta keep my cool - ooooh - what will Harry say when he sees? :D

Love Always & Latro The Bad Hat and The Shouting Maccas Booth.

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