Sunday, 2 December 2012

The End is Nigh

The funny thing about this prediction of the world ending, is that many people seem to have different dates for when this (apparently very accurate) prediction is to occur. A chef I work with said it was happening on the 15th, whereas I always thought the predicted date was the 21st, and yet, a school friend posted on Facebook about it being just next week.

I have the right date. You know why? Because I accepted the Facebook invitation to the End of the World party. No Internet funny-man would dare create a mass event with the wrong date for fear of being trolled by the anal masses of the Internet. Plus I just fact-checked it on Wikipedia ;)

The thing about this whole End of the World business is that the world ends for many, many people every day. Whole worlds are shattered to dust for many, many people every day. Yet, this globe keeps turning.

There will always be disasters, and I do not doubt that I one day may be unlucky enough for one to touch me. I've been lucky enough so far to escape the twists of the Earth, and any friends I know who have faced such moments are safe.

I do not think the world will end for us all on the 21st of December. The Mayan people simply calculated a new cycle. A new world. With the Kyoto Protocol due for another commitment, we can only hope for an improved world.

We can only ever hope that our own personal worlds do not end, we can only ever hope for the good fortune to make new worlds each day, month, year.

The 21st will come and pass and some will sigh with relief, others will feel a little disappointed. I do not think I am tempting fate by saying this. That strange disappointment some may feel is an invitation to start a new cycle, a new world, one that makes you feel what you long to feel: alive.

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EarleWidrich said...

Well said, Caitlin. :)

Anonymous said...

the Mayan's poisoned themselves by dropping sacrifices into their water supply, weren't smart enough to predict that were they? ;)

emily_w said...

The one thing I took from this, only because I'm over the y2k-esque hype, is that you have an r2d2 phone. Haha awesome!

Simon said...

The same kinds of people who believe in this tend to dismiss Global Warming which is a waste as we are all on this planet for such a very short time.

But if it`s true, my habit of last minute Christmas shopping will finally be a good thing!


Chris in the Studio said...

And in that moment of a mass extinction event, we were finally alive. ha ha.


taktin said...

Stay indoors on the 21st... There are a lot of nutjobs on the loose these days (and we wouldn't want you part of a self fulfilling prophecy now would we?) But seriously stay safe

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