Sunday, 16 December 2012

From the heart at the end of another day of death

Politicians have got to stop referring to mass murders as an Evil that has visited a place.

Imagine that you are mentally ill or mentally ill but don't realize it. Imagine that you are having thoughts about harming others because you have justified it for innumerable reasons. Imagine then the fuel it gives a person, to hear themselves be branded as Evil.

Don't for a second think that there isn't another young adult that meets the intelligent, quiet descriptions that we hear of these shooters time after time, and isn't suffering, either in a personally (immediate) destructive way or in a way that could harm others (in the future), after hearing that they too would be considered evil.

I just wanted to say, to those people who are angry, hurt or simply believe that they need to hurt others, that you aren't evil. What you are thinking is not going to achieve what you want it to achieve, and you should know that, and you should know that you should talk to somebody about it. You might not be treated right at first (unfortunately, one can't promise that the person you reach out to finds the right safe path for you), it might not go well, but eventually there may be a chance to talk to an understanding professional who you can talk to. You need to try to have faith in this.

I also just want to say, to those people out there hurting, and thinking, "if they did it, I can do it too", but find themselves hesitating. Thank you. Thank you for thinking of others just for a moment, and please, please know that many, many people want to understand you, and maybe even try to help you see their side of things. So, when you next pause, maybe think of making your next move a telephone call to a helpline or to a trusted person or medical professional.

In the meantime, President Obama, please let one of the many stamps you leave on your time as President be making guns harder to buy, and mental health easier to talk about. Not just for the unwanted future victims, but for the people suffering quietly now, too. Please.

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Rose said...

Well said, and from a point of view I haven't seen anyone else take.

Thanks for sharing.

EarleWidrich said...

I agree. The two main issues here are mental health and of course, gun control.

Mental health is at the heart of the problem and needs to be dealt with in a more effective manner to help prevent these horrible things before they happen.

Secondly, meaningful action supporting gun control needs to be put into place immediately within the United States. It's the culture of guns that is so difficult to get around. Stemming from of course the constitution, so many Americans feel it's a right to own a gun (which it is right now), and that it's very American. Bowling for Columbine deals with this issue at it's core very very well. There would be a huge backlash, but strict gun control needs to be the first step in steering the ship in the right direction.

A tweet that I read (and re-tweeted) this morning said:

"If only one of the teachers had a gun" One did. She owned several, in fact. Her son used them to kill her, her colleagues, and 20 children.

I think that kind of sums up the problem (as much as it can be) in a few words.

Simon said...

Well said.

I think one of the bizarre reactions to these sorts of things that people who cannot accept random acts of senseless crime like this rationalize their outrage, fear and confusion by blaming Democrats/Republicans or mandated religion in schools/gov't.


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Well during a time when everyone is debating why guns are or aren't the problem, that was a refreshing step to the side to address something not everyone talks about. Well done.

taktin said...


You have a good heart. The spotlight may shine on it yet.

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