Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Squeezing The Juice Out Of 2009

Hello to my 50 pretty followers...

I think it's scary that Renee Zellweger and I want the same things out of life.
Very scary.

You know you're unsatisfied with your life when you start taking advice from a 15 year old.
Oh, to be young, bold and fearless.
You can blame Taylor Momsen when I die of a heart attack, because I have decided, against my doctors wishes and until my irregular heart pulpitations return, to start drinking Red Bull.
I was very much against them, but since I've move to New York City, it seems all I do is sleep and run late and delay and sleep.
So I'm joining the millions of winged-assholes and am going to see if life is easier on Red Bull.

We'll see.

Hopefully, I'll turn to eating healthier, exercise and going to bed at good hours soon after this test.

The Tired Sprite Bottle and The Container of Fried Chicken


El Ășltimo sobrenombre que uso said...


It sounds like New Year's resolutions!


J.Storm said...

Drink it and be proud!

Chris in the Studio said...

Fried chicken is worse than heroin.
The more you get it the more you want.
Just say no.
Energy drinks? don't like the taste.
Nothing like the fresh smell of a Colombian bean ground and soaked.
15 year olds on page six, vomit
Renee? Yummy, good role model.

james said...

I am not a fan of Red Bull at all. Caffeine in such large doses just seems to aggravate my anxiety disorder and makes me feel sick. Also, it tastes like donkey ass, and believe me, I DO NOT like the taste of donkey ass.

In my experience, while caffeine can be useful for staying alert at particular times during the day, it’s only really useful if you are getting enough sleep to begin with. Maybe this is a testament to how slow I am, but it took me a while to figure out that the solution to a lack of sleep does not actually consist of trying to get even less sleep. Fortunately, through much experimentation I have found a way to maintain an acceptable level of sleep debt throughout my weekly schedule. If my lack of sleep reaches unacceptable levels, I usually resort to the sparring application of sleep aids mainly consisting of OTC antihistamines such as those found in Benadryl and Nyquil. It’s better living though pharma. Actually, I rarely have to go that route.

In summary, I have conducted your experiment, and the results were less than promising for me. Maybe you will have better luck. I must say I’m skeptical about the notion that Taylor Momsen has better advice than your doctors, but I’ve been surprised at experimental outcomes before.

RnB said...

I've never really cared much for most of the acting of Zellweger...besides Jerry Maguire, and a cheezy Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie she did extremely early in her career with Mathew McConaughey.
I hate those weird faces she makes.

Don't drink Red Bull. Choose to drink from the fine assortment of ROCKSTAR beverages just as easily at your disposal :-D

I've studied some American History but mostly within the world context or as related to literature.

Brent said...

Was that Renee Zellwegger on the front cover of "Marie Claire" magazine? I thought it was Kristin Chenoweth by the similar smile. Although, there's a significant height difference between the two.

Red Bull can be very beneficial to you if you drink it chilled and keep it to two cans per day. No more than 2 or you'll be bouncing off the walls!

GeminiDragon said...
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JoMiMo555 said...

Red Bull is pretty decent for a short term pick me up, but I'm guessing if you drink them in the morning you're usually tired by lunch?

There are some drinks out there without a crash or a more reduced one. I usually have no trouble with a sugar free Rockstar, and it's still fairly tasty.

Anyway, be careful! Unusual heart palpitations are nothing to mess with!

Nathan Pralle said...

Sleep is so hard -- there's infinitely better things to be doing, especially if you have no other reason to drop into bed than because you're simply BUSHED and haven't the willpower to stay awake.

I've the heart palps myself, probably from ingesting too much of the happy molecule as well, and went through a long period of examining before it was determined that I should sleep more and quit pushing my body past limits. But how do you describe that your mind won't let you stop?

MntlWard said...

I've never had a Red Bull. I'm trying to cut down on my Mountain Dew habit, though. Yet, the cigarettes pretty well trump the Dew as my most unhealthy habit.

Take care of that heart, girl. You only get one of those things.

CC said...

I drink red bull sometimes, but since I have been drinking soda since I was like 9, then the energy I need and get, I receive from sodas. (Plus, I won't get headaches!)

I don't drink coffee and don't drink a lot of energy drinks. I have an (slightly) irregular heart beat and the sodas and energy drinks don't affect it (as I can tell).

I would suggest not to drink energy drinks everyday, 3 or 4 times a day. But if that is the energy you need, no one can blame you.

Hope to see more posts! :D Have a good day!

J.Storm said...

If you don't want to drink red bull then it's simple, just don't drink it. I'm not in constant need of it but I drink red bull from time to time. But not like five cans a day. Just when I need something to make me alert. I used to drink it when I did tests and it worked out great :D.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. She's only 15? Do you see a lot of that kind of stuff since you live in New York? I hear that they film a lot of the Gossip Girl episodes in NYC.

I've never drank Redbull before. I should've put that on my resolution. [: