Monday, 22 December 2008

Revelations I Had On A Bus

1. I work harder when alone and in motion
2. I don't know my workmates as much as I should like, and I should respect them more
3. All I want is ...... .......
4. I need to learn how to drive
5. I really like my new underwear

We're at the 15 rest stop now.

For those who want more...

After 'Tuesday: GoGo to Los Angeles', Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were full of great meetings with great people, some who I am thoroughly impressed with.

Saturday and Sunday mainly consisted of me feeling exhausted and getting my room in order.
Especially on Sunday, where I went to the Hardware Store 4 times to get the right materials to glue a handle on my closet door and hang my curtains, so I didn't have to feel like a contestant on Big Brother. I thoroughly enjoyed being a homemaker.

This last week was a blur full of frustration as I simply could not get to anything on time, sleep overtook me and conquered me once again. On Thursday the first words out of my mouth, when I realized I had woken up late were, "What is wrong with me!?"

Could it have been that I had watched too much Young Hercules, is it my consistent 2am bedtime? Probably. I just wish I could use the time I had properly and then I wouldn't feel like I had to stay up so late to get everything done.

Things just get so stagnant at the office and I hardly ever find my mind working properly for a full day in the office. I work better from 5pm to 10pm. I can say this because I've been on a bus that long and I've been working consistently throughout, apart from that Blogpost that is.

I will one day have to do something amazing enough that I can run things the way I want, because unless I'm in Los Angeles and being told where to go and when to show up, I'm a hopeless mess.

Great outlook though.

I do know that in 2009 there will be some major changes and people will just have to deal with that. I just need...

Thanks for chatting with me at my 'live show' - you are great

xox Caitlin


MntlWard said...

What kind of amazing underwear is this, that you like it so much?

Molly said...

no pix no pruf (undies)

Joshua said...
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JoMiMo555 said...

Hey there, I usually post under GeminiDragon, but I decided to change it so all my user name's are the same on the different websites:P

Sounds like you have a lot of similar problems that I do....err...make that challenges. I find that if you replace the word "problems" with "challenges" your outlook on the situation improves, and you realize it is something you can overcome rather than an obstacle.

Anyway, if you happen to find a good solution to getting going earlier in the morning, let me know.

Also, I too am happy with my new underwear. Chafes less.


The Spinningman said...

Hi Caitlin,

I make myself go to sleep 30 minutes before I want to,set the alarm for 30 minutes before I want to and if the day is busy,I make a list of all the jobs to do.Then after prioritizing them,it's "Attack The List" time.
Works great for me but then maybe if I weren't such a procrastinator,I'd getthem done anyway....

Have a great day,it's yours after all :-)


Brent said...

I was amazed that you showed up for your 'live' show in the first place, because there wasn't one scheduled at 4 PM Pacific/ 7 PM Eastern on BlogTV, last Friday. Our small, tight-knit group habitually congregates there to discuss, share and analyze Caitlin-oriented information and to have the person, that we're talking about show up; well, that's an added bonus!

Merry Christmas, Caitlin!

Dizzknee said...

Good morning, Miss Hill. : )

Just some quick advice about prioritizing. Back when I was in university, I quickly realized that it isn't the amount of time needed to study that was important. Rather, it was the material that needed to be covered. In other words, it's better to say "I'm going to cover chapters 11-14 tonight" than "I'm going to study for two hours tonight".

This seemed to translate fairly well to my current job. Basically, I'm here at my desk from about 8 - 5:30 every weekday, and with all the stuff that goes on around here, it's fairly easy to get distracted. And with the amount of work that I have to do, it's pretty vital that I'm efficient with my time, or else I'd be so buried I wouldn't know what's what before long.

So this is what I do. Every Sunday night, I spend a few minutes thinking about what should get done in the coming week, and I make a mental list. You might want to write it down, but for me, my brain still tends to function fairly well, for now. And since you're a few years younger than me, (and play(ed) Sudoku), I'm sure your mental abilities are beyond reproach...but everyone's different. I do tend to use a lot of Post-It notes as reminders, though, but I digress.

So once I have my mental list for the week, I usually think about what I would like to get done on a daily basis each night before I go to bed, or on the way to work in the morning, and that tends to keep me ahead of the game, more or less.

The main idea is to be task-oriented, rather than time-oriented. I mean we're all pretty much in the office "working" all day, so time often isn't the main issue. It just depends what we do with it.

...oh yeah, and wearing comfortable undies is always a big help too.

sdddlt said...

I can't give you much advice on the 'getting things done' issue - I prefer asking myself the "what's wrong with me" question before going to bed at 2am. This way I don't have to deal with it in the morning.

Anyway, thank you for putting up that picture with you in your underwear... in my head! :P

And I'm pretty sure I figured out your revelation no.3: All you want is ...... ....... making videoRs !

Yeah, not exactly ;)

Sorry for this silly comment, I stayed up late last night...

In all seriousness: Thank you for all your recent live shows. You are the greatest!

Anarina said...

so... you're not in Australia? i'm a moron =)

Fallen Angel said...

*bookmarks your blog*

I just watched some of your old YT vids. They make me happy. its nice to look back at things that make you smile. Thanks for being so awesome and getting me hooked on youtube. my life wouldnt be what it is now if it wasnt for you posting funny videos all that time ago. Thank you.

james said...

Well, I'm with you on the working better alone bit.

Frankly, I’ve no idea what it’s like to be late for everything. Waiting for other people makes me extraordinarily anxious, so I try to be quite punctual myself. Also, against the wishes of 90% of my body, I get up at 0500 to get ready for work, which pretty much makes going to bed late impossible. Coincidently, it also makes getting a proper amount of sleep quite impossible. I guess I’ve simply resigned myself to the schedule work life demands of me. It’s a schedule that does suck and is not at all in line with my circadian rhythm, but business demands compromise and sacrifice. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Yea I can’t help you with this one.


Anonymous said...

1. me too although, not in motion
2. i only respect coworkers who know what they are doing and who dont lie and cheat
3. all i want is to .... .....!
4. im 39 and my learners license expired three times sometime in the last 20 years...i am seriously trying to learn how to drive next year though
5. i would probably agree but....i havent seen them!........yet ;DDDhah

God your like me(not a compliment) my bedtime is constantly 2am and im always late for EVERYTHING. But the difference is, ive been doing this WAAAAAY longer than you honey ;D Today i actually emailed my bosses at work and told them im taking today and until new years off to adjust my sleep schedule so ill be ready for the new project next year. i woke up at 5pm today! but ill slowly move that later and later until i wake up during 'normal' hours. but i know in a month ill revert back to my old standards...which btw im happy with :)

Wishing you the best for 2009!

ps. so sorry for the long comment, but i just had to! ;p

Gledwood said...

what an entertaining blog u got


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