Sunday, 23 November 2008

Flight to San Fran & Friday Night Lobby Party

Mr Lampert called me at 6am to wake me up so that I didn't wake up late and miss my flight. It was ever so sweet, because I didn't ask him to do it and I couldn't simply go to bed after his call because then I would be letting him down.

So I got up and got ready (I had already packed the night before, and quite well too), and packed the last of my chargers and toiletries and then proceeded to do a little work before I had to go.

I went to Duane Reade and picked up film, gum and batteries and then hailed a cab and took off.

I was so proud of myself for being up early and being on time.

The taxi made me feel quite sick, I hadn't eaten and he was doing that horrible thing where they brake constantly so that you're always going back and forth, back and forth and oh, it was awful. But at least he was quick. I arrived at the airport at 9:30 and my flight didn't leave until 10:50.

I checked in and made sure I entered my Qantas Frequent Flyer number and was very happy to see that my ticket had been stamped 'Sapphire Priority Access'. I didn't know what it would do exactly, but I like Sapphires so I was happy.

When I got to the security line the guy looked at my ticket and told me I could go through Priority Access and I was really happy, because JFK was busy that morning. I did a very quiet, "Muahhahah" as I twisted and turned through the roped lines.

Once out of security, I realized that I could go to Club too, which is my favourite place to go to at airports, mainly because the toilets are so nice...and I like being called, Miss Hill. : P

For once in my life, I just strolled up to gate instead of rushing and panicking...I wasn't carrying anything super heavy and painful, and... I don't know... I know this entry sound stupid, but it just felt nice to be organized and grown up... I was still flying Economy so little things, like nice toilets and quick security make you happy.

The flight was okay, I can never get comfortable in those seats.

I wrote a letter (LLLOONNGG!!!) to my Mum and then Mamma Mia! came on, and I knew I would never rent it on purpose so I decided to watch it. It was nice, cute with lots of energy, but still a little lame and at some points, the quality was super low. I also thought the direction was really poor, especially for the 'Money, Money, Money' song.

The actors (the "oldies") like Meryl Streep and Julie Walters made the film though, their youthful energy and actual good acting made the film better than it might have been without them. And Colin Firth....well, I wont ruin it, but that was a side of him I've never sen before! : P

Wow. This is one of the lamest blog posts ever.

Haight and Ashbury is quieter than it was for February 2007. Lots of joints had closed. It was sort of sad.

I did have a great conversation with Jake at the Peace Cafe though, it's always nice when you just to get talk to someone and learn about their life. I like that.

Amoeba Music is awesome as always, took so many pictures of films I want to rent/buy when I can afford to.

Went to the Hilton and hung out in the Lobby, so many wonderful YouTuber's were there. The energy was great, and I was in the right frame of mind to actually enjoy myself and talk to people (sometimes I get far too awkward and can't relate, but that night was great). Just thinking about it, I get super happy. Everyone was just adorable and so interesting to talk to. It was great to see Dax again, and Rhett and Link, Poykpac, Molly, Olga, SupRicky, Brandon Hardesty was lovely - I was being odd on purpose and decided I had to force him to hug me, but then we had a conversation using only our hands and some weird sort of interpretive dance, and Michael and his Husband were adorable and sweet as always.. gosh, so many people. All I can say, was that everyone was lovely.
I enjoy THOSE gatherings. Where there aren't so many cameras, less talking about yourself, more talking TO other people. I suppose the other gatherings could be like that too, but there is often too much pressure to be something you're not...

Last night was good. Okay. I'm sorry. I guess I am just having a happy moment. Wow, this is going to make me even more lame... but I don't hang out with people very much. I get very nervous in social situations usually, but last night was just perfect.

Oh and thanks to Danny for the Indian Food - awesome.

Oh and the PopTub guys were really nice, I think I freaked one guy out though by commenting about his smile too much - sometimes I should just be quiet and keep my first impressions to myself.

Alrighty, I'm going to do some work before getting ready and get there early... I'm not a tip-top-tuber so I have to fight against all the other crazy people! : )

-The Nervous Blue Blanket and Virgin America Pimp Session. <3


stellacat said...

You'll always be a tip-top-tuber to me!!!

sdddlt said...

This post made me happy! :)

Olli said...

My little bro always used to sing that "money money money, must be funny" part, just to annoy me :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

if you rejoined the partnership you'd get the tip top treatment again. think about it, the tip-top you tubers all got free you tube socks, how cool is that?

sdddlt said...

btw. Apu from Mexico (YT: apu000) just translated the "Farewell" video. He said it's supposed to be some kind of comedy. The guy thinks you are moving to SF and thus are leaving YouTube...

Besides, he's living in Argentina and Apu said something about not letting him pass through Mexico on his way to SF ;)

Jim B said...

Here's some mood music for you and everyone else at YT Live tonight, Brass in Pocket (I'm Special) by The Pretenders. I hope you all enjoy the special event. Wish I could be there.

Chris in the Studio said...

Its very nice to hear your getting over your nervousness regarding social situations. It does give you the endearing characteristics of being humble and down to earth however so don't lose to much of it please! Enjoy your trip!

Brent said...

I would be lost for days if I ever set foot in Amoeba Music; I'm the type of shopper who thumbs through selections, row by row, aisle to aisle, until I have a stack of CD's and my fingertips are darkened by the packaging dust.

On your brief, but entertaining BlogTV show on Friday; you showed us what you bought there - Simon & Garfunkel's Old Friends (Box Set).

Well, congratulations, on a mighty sound investment and enjoy San Francisco (your old friend).

ck4eva said...

I gave you an award! See my blog for details...

JohnnyBeGood said...

dang, that is some music shop.

Anonymous said...

give more than nothing

Jonny Fabulous said...

Aw I found that entry cute, Caitlin =] Glad you had a good time! Watched the whole thing live (1am to 3am in England! *death*) and it was pretty good. I'll be looking forward to the videos you made there...if you did haha. Take care <3

anythingannoying said...

Damn... long post...too... stoned. must... abort

Michael said...

Hey Caitlin! I just saw this! thank you for the nice comment :-) Hopefully one of these days we will have more time to chat! :-)
And congrats on your recent honor!!!

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