Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Ravens And Foxes; An Update

Hello, I'm sorry I missed my Live Show - I was looking forward to being consistent, but the Internet was down and I was dealing with other urgent matters, like paying rent and escaping this whole, '3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit' thing.

Ugh, just give me a week and everything will be fine.

It's not like I'm irresponsible (anymore) or poor, there was just too many deposits in such a short space of time; bad timing, but good in the long run.

I just want to get my deposit back... So much money... MY money. : (

Well, I sold my book (almost, just got to get my paypal details again), so that's great!

I sort of like selling stuff.

I wonder if I should try to create something and put it online? People have been telling me to do that for ages... I think I now have the creative drive to actually go do it. What do you think?

Calli came to stay for Saturday and Sunday night.

It has been such a long time since I've seen her, but she is still as adorable and charming as ever. If you don't know her she is known as TheSlyestFox, she is also in a band: Beasts and SuperBeasts, and she is also the creator of HotForNerds - but at the moment, most of the girls are failing at posting...well, I know I am : /

Calli was visiting her cool friends and my roommate, but it was still lovely to see her again and get some tips about what kind of facial cleansers I should use - yay for girls!

The great thing about FINALLY caring about money is that I make more meals for myself or at least buy products that turn into an 'Instant Meal'. The only problem with cooking when you have only studied one year of Food Technology is that you end up cooking yourself French Toast for dinner...because it's easy...

Oh, and then you end up creating a Fog in you're own "house."

Well done, Caitlin. Your Mother would be very proud of you.

Funny, but it made me think of fire safety... if that was just from the Gas being on too high, then the chances of me waking in time to notice a Fire before I died from smoke inhalation first would be very low.


Looks like this is more of a "journal entry" than an entry about one thing (thanks very much for enjoying my Chocolate article too), so I guess the only thing to report is how odd it is that Raven's seem to follow me everywhere these days.

Not only did there happen to be a White-Necked African Raven (in a cage, *sad face*) at the National Arts Club the other day, but I just received a beautiful letter in the post from a Mr. Nathan Armfield who sent me an original piece of artwork entitled, "Raven Overlooking the Destruction of Time in the Valley of the Vision".

I felt really lucky to have this piece and I was also confused as I can't really connect how Mr Armfield knows me or how I know him. If we have met, it will only take one clue for me to suddenly remember, but for now, I'm at a loss.

Fox Lampert says that the Raven is my Totem. Maybe it is. I just find it funny that I've always felt this pull towards any black bird, but it is only now, that Ravens follow me everywhere. I enjoy the mystery of it all very much.

Before I fly away on thoughts of fancy...

I want to sit on stone staircases and ready dusty tomes.

What am I listening to, right now?

Thomas Simmons: 2002 Lecture at Stanford #2 - Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies - available on iTunes

I am preparing to work on these Request Videos, there are many, so forgive me, but I really want to do this as best as I can. I think I may get the first Request Videos (the one for people who forgot to request anything) out tonight!

-The Unforgotten Ticking and Stick filled with Sabon Aroma 'Paradise'.


Anonymous said...

aww, I requested something in the personal videos, so I guess that knocks me out for tonight. Thanks for the update though, I had wondered about them.

Dizzknee said...

Thanks for the update, Caitlin. I've been there before with the whole "too many deposits in such short a time" thing. And you're right, that kind of stuff does make you care about money a little more. That's why I've actually been taking my lunch to work at least a few times a week these days. Not such a difficult task....just lots of rice.

I really like your tattoo, btw. It's very bold both in location and subject. I think that's the way to go with tattoos. Either go big or go home, I suppose.

Anyway, thanks for blogging...always brightens my day. : )


...oh, and my open house is this Sunday. You're officially invited. I'll give you a super cool tour and we're screening Quantum of Solace in the main mixing theatre. C'mon, it's only an hour plane ride. ; )

Olli said...

Caitlin! Make a video where you cook something. French Toast is fine by me :D

GeminiDragon said...

Thanks for the update, I know all too well what you mean with too many deposits. Anyway, am patiently looking forward to the request video!

As an aside, regarding seeing ravens everywhere, I seem to remember reading an article a while back regarding the phenomenon. Something about the human brain filters out 90% of what we see and hear as irrelevant, but when we become connected to a certain thing, our brain picks up on it every time. Whereas beforehand it would have automatically dismissed it as irrelevant.

Jonny Fabulous said...

Caitlin you make me giggle ;D
Can't wait for my requested video =]
And the others of course, heh

JohnnyBeGood said...

Ohh a philosophy book. I am a philosophy minor in college, I should have bought it, lol.

As for the video request I think mine involved vegemite and red bull, lol. I would love to see what will be made of that. (don't do it)

Ravens remind me of a childrens book I loved when I was younger. The book had amazing artwork and I think there were turtles in it too. I can't remember the title of it though. Just wanted to add that.

sdddlt said...

Nice cooking skills ;) You should do that live on blogTV sometime, it would be fun! Also, be creative and put it online. I want your stuff!!!

cheers :)

sismian said...

Well,it's good to hear that your financial crises is righting it's self *smile*. Sometimes everything just seems to want to happen at once and everything just becomes overwhelming. Not sure why but i loved it when you said you where becoming more responsible, yay for the lady! Key thing about cooking it is always good to stuck up on ingredients nothing kills the urge to prepare a meal you've thought of faster than realizing some vital ingredient is missing.

Love that little black number think it would look good on you but have know idea on what kind of occasion it would be suitable for, still it has an ethereal quality to it.

Glad you got a sale on the book *result* now for the stools, fingers crossed. creating stuff to sell online might not be such a bad idea, Thatgirlonlines very own brand of products :) i'm in, as to the puzzle with the Raven lost on that still as with anything really worth while time is an important factor, sure all will be revealed in due course...

Brent said...

I enjoy reading your "journal entry" more than a blog about a specific subject - Randomness is key.

I hope someone, impulsively, buys you that black Gothic dress; it would make a great photo shoot!

Also, any bids on the 2 Bar Stools yet?

Anonymous said...

I linked a video to your contest video. Tiredofcrap

Anonymous said...

I have 2 quick and useful (useless?) things to say in response. number one: I would be very interested in anything that you create and intend to sell online. I do not promise to buy anything you sell, but I will watch with great anticipation.
number two:perhaps a far more practical tip, but one which you are free to ignore. coming from a bachelor, I can appreciate the difficulty in cooking. I have recently discovered the joy of a crock pot, or slow cooker if you prefer. buy one, and a related cook book. its easy, safe, and quite delicious.

Chris in the Studio said...

I think you should sell your talent and creativity.
I think you should get your deposit back or call on friends to "make a phone call" on your behalf
I think Cali seems nice,
I think that dress would look great on you in a music video
I think Ravens are magic
I think Nathan Armfield is an allias
I think french toast for dinner is always a terrific idea
I think Fox Lampert is a genius
and I think the rest is bulloks.:)
I think, No I'm sure of all these things.

Simon said...

The act of creation can be it's own reward - but sharing the results via would make others happy too.

A smoke detector can be a very useful cooking indicator.

Regarding the Raven Mystery: They say that birds of a feather flock together.

MntlWard said...

Heh. I opted not to request a video, because I found the answers to your challenge from other comments. I didn't think it was right to ask for something from you when I didn't do the actual work.

I think that dress would look great on you.

I also would have loved to have been working at that photo shoot.

james said...

I think it is a good idea to have between three and six months worth of living expenses avaialble. It's nice knowing that I can quit my job anytime I want and move to a new city just for the hell of it.

Pasta seems to be a diet staple of singles who can't or don't really like to cook. With a little creativity, it can be used to create a wide variety of dishes.

Ravens and crows are among the smartest of all birds. I used to get a kick out of watching them peck around and investigate things while I ate lunch at the park. The way they hop around is quite amusing.

That dress looks like it would work well for the "creepy doll" look, if that is what you are going for. The price, though, seems excessive for something with such limited applications.

I think that Vanity Fair cover is preety old. It's kind of wierd how Tom Ford looks totally like Jeremy Piven at first glance, but it is otherwise alluring.

Well, that's my take on things.


manboo said...

That's what your room? I like the feeling much light

I love your tattoos, and the other people feel very different