Sunday, 11 May 2008

"I Hate How Caitlin Is In F!@#$%^ Everything"

This person says this like it's a bad thing.
I hope I don't annoy you all too much by appearing in videos.
I hardly ever do "collabs" and yet, when I do, people complain, which
is obviously not a good sign for me and bad for the person having me in
their videos.

I wonder how one girl can attract so much hate, and if not hate, obvious annoyance from the eyeballs.


What can I do to make you happy?

So Hugh of HughsNews fame left for Los Angeles last night, so some members of Poykpac (in particular: Jen, Ryan, Taige and Tyler) took him to see Iron Man, which wasn't as amazing as some people said it was. Then Jen and Taige left and we all went to Cosi, where they have very nice tuna sandwiches.

After spending a while in the rain, we finally managed to hail a cab and get to my place. We then downed some beers, played Rock Band and as always, molested my beautiful iMac.
Towards the end of the night, they started to play this drinking game and Tyler and I both took turns filming the fun. Much more was filmed, but Hugh promises me that THAT footage will never see the light of day *sad face*

After we said our goodbyes to Hugh and he stumbled on home, Ryan and Tyler hung around... I immediately felt awkward, because I don't feel particularly interesting... I also don't really remember much... ; )
Ryan ended up falling asleep on my bean bag and after trying to freak him out with band-aids and stuffed animals, Tyler and I fell asleep on the floor too.

I woke up, possibly half an hour later, and got them blankets and pillows and then went to bed.

Let's just say that after Breakfast and forcing them to watch the awkwardness that is Across the Universe and then kicking them out, I slept for a LLLOOONNNGGG time!

Weekends are fun.

; )


Anonymous said...

your collab videos are great, the people who say otherwise are just assholes who have nothing to contribute but hate.

GeminiDragon said...

I say the more Caitlin the better, and have no problem with collabs at all.

Seriously, Hugh seems like an awesome beer drinking mate:P

Chris in the Studio said...

I think the only way your going to make everyone happy is to do a video with each and everyone of them.

I agree with gemini, THE MORE CAITLIN THE BETTER.

Simon said...

You can't be in too many videos IMHO.

Now that you are officially in NYC, I would like to see a walking tour of some of your favorite sites as seen through your eyes.

GeminiDragon said...

Yes, a walking tour would be awesome! Do that! :D

RoboFillet said...

Well I loved all the videos from that weekend. Videos are always so much better when there's more than one person you're a fan of in them. Congrats on moving to NY by the way - that's exciting!

SuperJV said...

worry not miss Caitlin.

to be known at all on yt these days is to put up with some hate, and a lot of stupidity, (the two often go hand in hand, just look at the response to Natalie's latest, sigh...).

there are only a few of you that have maintained popularity for that long. there's a reason for that.

just keep doing what you want to do. turbo font sizes and all :)

JohnnyBeGood said...

Hey It's awesome you are in a lot of other people's vids, it has to be fun for you.

Hugh is a drinking beast, I love it.

Anonymous said...

What can you do to make me happy? Keep posting videos, when you want to of course. Thats about all I ask. I like seeing you in videos with other youtubers, even if i dont know them yet. You have always been a good way to get to know others on the tubes that are worth watching. colab videos ftw!

TheMightyThor said...

Its been said over and over again, there is nothing, never has been nothing, like a little caitlin in our days. Shun the non Believers, Charlie, Shun the Non believers. they would never lend a hand to get you to Candy mountain. We journey with you, Shun the non believers.