Friday, 9 May 2008

Oooh, Kissing Boys Is Fun

What do you think? Tell me...

I had so much fun at this shoot. It really was like my first every Spring Break. We were staying in the most beautiful mansion ever, somewhere in Jersey and I was surrounded by some great guys and a loverly lassie and it was sooo much fun!

I turned down a holiday to Miami for it, and it was totally worth it. I got a little smashed, embraced my underwear for the first time ever (meaning, I like to cover up, not show it off..USUALLY) and really got into steamy heat in the sauna.

I will post some footage of the behind the scenes soon!

You may also have noticed that a whole bunch of Internet Stars were having fun in New York City, and everyone is asking why... let's just say, that's it's all down to this person typing away right here... no, not It's a delightful opportunity...and one day I may ask you to take part!


I will start blogging and vlogging my life here soon! Yes, that's right! I live in NYC... I doubt that it comes as a surprise anymore...


Anton said...

You moved to New York! Woah, that's half way around the world. It's a great city :)

Elena said...

Very cool video. It's great your in the US of A but why did you move?

SuperJV said...

however you managed to manifest a life in NY, that's awesome + good for you.

still looking forward to whatever that "storm" of content is gonna be :)

the video is fun, but the squished image is unfortunate,
[should re post at proper aspect ?]

Alexander Dietz said...

The one thing I don't get is why your characters were on a date at a bar in the middle of the day.

Chris in the Studio said...

Its a pretty good video Caitlin.
You did a good job. A problem I have with a lot of music videos (even big budget ones is that they take away from the energy and passion of the song.
I can not really tell in this video if its supposed to be light hearted and funny, or if its supposed to show the pain and passion that the lyrics and performance of the song does. Its just to in the middle and not taking enough chances.
For example: Foo Fighters. Listening to there music creates one type of vibe, viewing some of there vids (learn to fly)creates a completely new and over the top funny vibe that is done well enough to raise the bar of the art. It does not take away from the overall
imagery and song.
If this video is meant to poke fun at the the green eyed drunk seeing there lover with another, its just not funny enough. If its meant to be serious then the passion is lacking. I just can't tell and its not your performance that leaves me in a quandry, its the props, (rock band inst. wardrobe etc. Serious question, is that supposed to be funny or are they cheap substitutes for not having real instruments. Its also the editing. The lyric will be creating a certain feeling and a cut to laughter in the bar at the wrong time contradicts that feeling
Its very diffucult for actors to capture the intensity that a musician feels when they perform a song and even proffesionals fail miserably when attempting. Another problem I could see causing you to have to work more diligently to express a character is that you have like it or not become famous as you and its difficult to see you play a role without conjuring up past previous versions of you. It does not mean you can't do it, it just means your going to have to really work harder than everyone else to beat any type cast image of you already out there.
You already know I think your the bomb Caitlin so please take this as constuctive crit. I want you and your friends to be as good as you can be and this kind of thing is exactly the type of thing you need to keep doing. Do anything and everything that strikes your fancy and look at it as normal evolution
and honing of your craft.
That said, its better than I could do at the moment and its a good effort. peace out:)

thatgirlonline said...

@anton: Yeah, it's been quite a move.
@elena: I can't say just yet, but soon! Yay!
@superjv: thank you very much! It's not my video, it's up to showmanROT
@alexander dietz: I actually brought that up while shooting, we just laughed...maybe we're rich kids who get wasted all day?
@chris in the studio: I didn't make this video. I had no part in the concept or script, I simply "acted" in it. You should pass on your thoughts in an email to Ricky Butler, he may appreciate them! I suppose it's all just for fun, but I definitely do agree with your points!

Chris in the Studio said...

@that girl,
yes I know you did not make the vid.
I'm sure Ricky will be around here.
Work work work girl! ha ha

TripTucker said...

All that comes to mind right now are a bunch of cheesy thoughts about how I knew you were going places. Thats why I have been subscribed for over a year on Youtube, and why I always jump at the chance to participate in any of your other web-presence activities. I feel a bit like a stalker at times, following your blog, videos, and even a Twitter feed. But one day I will be able to say "I knew her when she got started online" and people will be impressed. I dunno what that proves, but there you have it. I continue to wish you all the best in everything that you do!

GeminiDragon said...

Kick ass music video, loved the editing!

I knew you were in New York, I just knew it! So do have like a dual citizenship thing going on? Honestly trying to figure out the stuff you are up to is trickier and more interesting than an entire season of Lost!

Pixie said...

Woah Caitlin, you're an internation woman of mystery!!!

RangerDave1 said...

good luck in the big apple. when you get time can you show us around?

JohnnyBeGood said...

You live in New York?? Woah!!

jk, I kind of knew.

But still, WOAH!!!

I hope it is all going well!

jae said...

i loved it caitlyn. i hope the best things for you - you deserve it. i knew you went to NY (lucky bitch) but why? i bet you have an awesom story to tell

DARWIM said...
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DARWIM said...

That kiss is so sweet ◕‿◕

For people uses YouTube:

That video is called "The Killers - Sweet Talk",, click it to read or leave comments, lol.

(Bonus: you can watch it again in excellent quality, just click the 'high quality' link under the video!)

Or you can check out Caitlin's friend, the handsome and talented Ricky Butler, lol :

Hema said...

what? i was jus confusedd. agreed mostly with chris in the studio. but ur acting.. was it mean to be funnyish and like mocking maainstream videos or was it serious? thats so mean if it was serious. im sorry.

Chellbie said...

Wohoo NYC baby, I hope to live in Miami one day. I'm in Arizona at the mo'. enjoy life babes:) Some people never go anywhere, stay in the same place all their life.. and its the strong ones who make the move:)

Pearl said...

Hi. This has nothing to do with your post or topic, but I dont know what other way to contact you.

How did you get your (Blog) layout to be like that? How did you customize that?

jmarbas said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! =o I check into your blog just to see whats happenin'

and you moved to NYC!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Well. I wish you the best Caitlin, in whatever your endeavours turn out to be :)

=~( and to think...our little vegemite gyrl(first vid i saw you in) has grown up =~)

Take care,

thatgirlonline said...

@triptrucker: thanks luvvy, that's real sweet of you - but don't be mad at me if I never amount to anything more than a Soccer Mum.

@geminidragon: I'm actually on an 01 VISA... I'm the first person to be granted that kind of Visa for being "well known on the internet".

@rangerdave1: will do, sir!

@hema: the whole idea is very melodramatic. You just have to go with what the director tells you to do. If I were you, I wouldn't take anything uploaded to YT too seriously.

@pearl: the customization button?

Cheers everyone!

The Daily Crumb said...

"'m actually on an 01 VISA... I'm the first person to be granted that kind of Visa for being "well known on the internet"."


sarahheartsny said...

Hi Caitlin =D

Congrats on moving to New York! As you can probably tell from my name, I love the city and desperately want to move there.

I don't mean to sound rude or out of place, but I am extremely curious about your green card/visa situation. Being an Australian, I know how difficult they are to get! I would LOVE to hear about how you got set up, or any advice or loop holes you may have found. It would be GREATLY appreciated, as I've been trying to get my hands on a green card for years now!

Also, can't wait to see what you've done with all the YouTubers and the secret trips to NY =P

- Sarah

A Girl said...

That was a cool vid! And kissing that hot guy for who knows how long! Rock on Caitlin! Hope to see you on the big screen soon.

cxseven said...

Hi, how u?

What's your job these days?

Don't let NY harden you, srsly.