Sunday, 17 April 2005

Yeah, Your Mumma - Bebo

QDSE people we'll have to hang out soon...and when we do itll be as awesome as last time! That was soooo fun!
Go Noah! is almost over harray!
No Talent Time is almost over and our group Belly Fusion made it to the finals - woo!
Senior Theatre looks really interesting with um...character stuff and that showcase we'll do.
Im also sharing the role of director for our year 12 drama play Blurred and playing the character Freda, so that should be interesting.
Ive also got the part as Sandy and Columbia in our theatre restaurant thingy at school...and im auditioning next week for Evita and thats interesting...
Um...yeah, Im probably going to be late to, I have a plan - its all good! Woo!
Okay well Ill see you all soon as Go Noahs over ill have time to hang out with QDSE people, Matt, and Kristina B and everyone and itll be sweet.
Oh, and my "date" lol...for the formal and by date I mean friend is Harry, which is wicked, cuz itll be really fun.
MWAH! xoxoxo Hello there, the angel from my nightmare.

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