Sunday, 17 April 2005


Yo, Wassup!

Um...this week has been fully stressful, so its been good that school hasnt been given me much homework.

No Talent Time was...OK. My best day was on Wednesday, people actually came up to me and said I did well - so thats good. I dont know if Im hosting on Monday thought...probably not unfortunately.

Yeah, school has been going pretty well. In Drama Nathan and I are directors for Blurred. I just blocked one scene on Friday. And Im reading the script in my free time to get some more ideas for blocking and stuff. Dance: we're completing our choreography. Im on a good pace, but have to do more if the check date is Tuesday. But Im sure all will be well groovy. English we are reading and listening to Hamlet. On Thursday I got to read Polonius. It's quite a fun character - a fool. Sometimes though when Im reading I have no idea what Im saying, so Ill need to fix that. Maths is okay, pretty simple to understand. I just hope I dont forget it. In Drama Studies we've been mainly taking notes on Directing, which is good for our Drama thing and in Modern History we've been learning about racism in the South of the USA to african americans - it fills me with so much anger and sadness to hear what these people have gone through and next week we're learning about South African racism.

'x-stacy' rehearsals are going well...Andy and I are just starting to get the emotion right for our last scene together. Matt says Im doing good, so thats a good sign. Unless he's

Go Noah's last shows are tonight...and OH NO! I've forgotten to get Jo's present ready...Im just going to have to ask Grandma to buy her some Cadbury Rose's or, I feel bad. Kinda.

Anyway gotta go. Mwah!

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xo_butterfly_kisses_xo - 18 Apr., 2005 - Delete
hey catie! hotness...bub you are so hot to trot! lol...and yeh everthing with us is cool well i hope so cause i luv ya babe...i think you are the bom - diggity! and andy are awesome in your last scene...i was crying at rehersals if you didn't c it! you guys rock! and you convulsing is fine it looks real so dun't worry if you feel like a dick cause it looks fine....but omg i can't belive frog thew me in the deep end with zac! lol cathrin should have done it it's your show!...i just hope our kiss didn't look as unco as everyone elses cause it was so forced lol pahahah! not that i dun't love zac and all! but yeh gud work darl you do an amazing job in the show and matt's not lying cause here i am saying it too! i am thinking about drinking beofre the show lol what you think? lol no but really andy and frog said i could! there so suppportaive lol - but i won't end up drinking! so there goes that idea! but really we should hang when next we get a chance! oh oh oh what you doing fri night me court alex and mabye emma are going to gilhooleys! so we have a space for you in the car if you would like to take it! lol! but yeh tell me if your in cause it will be great and i shall inform the girleys! k k well i am off to uni so i'll love you and leave you! but yeh hope you can come xoxo

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