Thursday, 21 August 2014

Have All Notebooks Sent Over

Date: 02/26/08
Time: 4:06AM

When I was younger than 18, I began writing these Really Cool film ideas with Really Cool titles like:

Life 2.0


The Return to Hanging Rock


My Battle with the Elusive Mountain.

The best part is the note at the bottom:

*Work on Titles.

Yeah, no shit.

Life 2.0 would be about a young girl becoming a web star... Woo. Diary entry.

The Return to Hanging Rock would be a teen horror film where kids are inspired to go to Hanging Rock to hang out even though the events are total fiction... Or are they???

My Battle with the Elusive Mountain would be about this girl who really wants to climb Mt. Warning (which is actually a sacred site to the local Aboriginal people there, who don't want it to be climbed), but something always stops her from getting to the top: wind, rain, etc. She realises she's been cursed for trying to climb it (which is possibly offensive, nice work), and goes overseas to try to undo the curse... The side-story is that she is secretly in love with her best guy friend... Eventually she gets deported back to Australia, and the Guy Friend is all like: I guess you're still cursed...
and The Girl is all like: No, it must be broken, because it brought me back to you. And then they make out at the airport. Fade to black.

I also really wanted to write a Western Film that was epic on the scale of Pirates of the Caribbean but had musical numbers from popular song artists like Jeff Buckley, Muse, and The Killers. Ha ha haaaaaa.

My tips for writing a Western film were:

• Watch all movies.
• Read Scripts, Books, Online.
• Compile into a scrapbook where you can gather inspiration...
• Work quickly.
• Make it your hobby on weekends or [I love this part:] on lonely nights.

I never did let it occupy all my free time. What a pity. Let me know how you go writing your own Western with my expert advice!

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