Thursday, 3 February 2011


2011!, originally uploaded by Dunny.

Someone Tumblr'd this to me :)


EarleWidrich said...

I'm not even sure I own enough books to re-create that. I'm horrible. : (

Simon said...


davidlefool said...

The Yogurty Year and The Gone-Home Golden Girl

Jer said...

hi caitlin

i just read your twitter and am so glad you are now enjoying the freedom of wireless internet..... pls let us know when u start the naked iChat thing <3

...and how to register

...and the link to the secure sign-on page

...and if you take mastercard or VISA

...and if you have a "Emergency! BOSS COMING!!!" button on your page

thank you and have a nice day,

princess amel said...

follow back please

Taktin said...

Your writing was getting quite good. And then you stopped.