Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The build-up and aftermath of being Twenty-Two.

6th: Nothing. Darkness. Food Emporium to buy Lean Cuisine. Depressing. Cool.

7th: Sandwich in Union Square. Pre-Birthday drinks with Michael and Shawn in Brooklyn.

8th: Hair done at Pimps and Pin-Ups. Walked around SoHo trying to organize my birthday dinner and was on a conference call at the same time. Dinner at Ruby's. Reactions to Hair, interesting. Drinks at Loreley. The Big Chill. Birthday presents. Frustration. Red Lights. Boy in a little bed.

9th: Lazy. Priorities. Distractions. Obligations ignored in favor of party supplies. Guilt. Party City: Expensive. Whole Foods: Creepy. Baking with Molly.

10th: Stressful day at work. My fault. Trying to make it better. Party. Fashion Night Out.
"Have you got the fashion, Caitlin? You better have the Fashion?" Michael: helpful. Balloons. Giddy. Walking and aching. Cab driver re: gay people. Ignorant. Let's just agree to disagree that "they" are apparently "weaker," OK, sir? Awkward start to the party. Molly: a darling. Emily: such an effort to be here, so nice! Christin: party snapper! Guests: awesome. Elliot brought more people and the party became an awesome party. Didn't wish for anything major this year. Don't even remember previous wishes so what's the point? Don't even remember what I wished for, actually. Lots of people. Excitement. It's real. Double-fisting. Sunburnt Cow. Dancing. Cab. "I'm so high, Caitlin, I have to leave." Hilariously nothing. Lost phone. Tortilla and corn chips. God-saver.

11th: On journey to find lost phone. I like Brooklyn. Nice guy, charged it, said happy birthday.
Shake Shack. Tired. Babysitting. Dexter.

Thoughts: Excited to be twenty-two. A few years closer to having a real personality. Best birthday EVER. EVER. EVER.

and then... the only other events for September was Shawn's farewell party? Right? I don't remember...

Shawn's Farewell Party

Molly and I set up the party favours

Molly was excellent for letting me have my party at her place and Emily was awesome for coming all the way from Troy for it!

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