Thursday, 17 June 2010

Musicals I Would Like To See

My Internet Browser is quietly grumbling at me because I have so many tabs of musicals and plays I want to see open. Yet most of them, those that won Tony's anyhow, are all closing quite soon and since they are closing and their popularity has been boosted by the recent awards ceremony the ticket prices are super high.

The New York Times reported that a ticket to Fences was over $300.00! That seems a little outrageous to me, but I'm sure it is worth it... both actors won awards for their performances.

The other problem with trying to see these shows is that well one, I have no money and two, talk about a fucking quest. It was hard enough getting tickets for The Metal Children, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to get tickets for these shows.

Not only are they probably sold out, but I bet the "wait-call" and "rush" lines are like a back-stabbing film noir brought to life... or an episode of the Amazing Race.

So without further ado, here are the musicals and plays I will most probably never see:

Sondheim on Sondheim - playing through to June 27th.

Lend Me A Tenor - directed by Stanley Tucci! Playing through to June 23rd(?)

Come Fly Away - mainly for the dancing and it only just opened.

The Addams Family - purely just to see Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth. I also like the Wednesday Addams as a teen angle.

Everyday Rapture - is playing next to the Duke Theater where I saw Graceland. It's final performance is July 11th.

Red - I really want to see this play. Alfred Molina is a great actor and I love listening to people discussing art, since none of my conversations involve discussing art, since I know so little about it. It closes June 27th!

Memphis - this show won Best Musical!

Fences - Denzel Washington! The small sample of Viola Davis' performance they show on their website looks amazing. This play closes July 11th.

La Cage Aux Folles - I saw this play when I was little and I loved it. It was probably my first experience of watching men performing in women's clothing and the story is so moving, especially the song, I Am What I Am. I enjoyed the film, too, and I have to see Kelsey Grammer perform! I saw his "brother", David Hyde Pierce in Curtains (and hopefully later this year, too), so I must see Mr. Grammer!

A Little Night Music - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury leave the show at the end of the week, so that's a little disappointing. Then again, I was aware of this show and wasn't exactly keen. I don't know why, both are amazing. I just wasn't feeling it. However, Bernadette Peters is taking over, so hopefully I'll see her! That would be amazing since I spent so much of child watching her again and again in Into The Woods.

Promises, Promises - two of my favourite actors in a musical together, Sean Hayes aka Just Jack and Kristin Chenoweth are in this musical! I absolutely adored Sean Hayes performance of Jack on Will & Grace and was heavily influenced by him strangely enough and I missed Ms. Chenoweth's performance in Wicked, so this would surely be some way to make up for that! I really hope I see this musical!

Look at me I've started using far too many exclamation points. I've been trying to stop after reading Will Grayson Will Grayson... or was it a John Green video... I need to re-read the book again soon. I'll just leave that there.

Fela! - the dancing will be incredible and it would be interesting to see a musical that Jay Z and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith brought to life. I've only ever taken two African dance classes and was pleased to see similar moves by the more advanced ladies in class performed on the stage. It's truly remarkable.

Green Day's American Idiot - I own the album but have never been a dedicated fan of Green Day, but I still want to see this musical. Mainly due to an excellent article I read about the lead actor, John Gallagher Jr. I saw him perform briefly on the Tony's and there really is just something about him, some inner power bubbling away. Now, I say that it in a "sheer power" way, not a "oh my god, my pants are wet," way. It's more exciting, actually. I hope I get to see his band play in NYC some day.

ALSO! OMG! Mary Faber who I met when she played Kate Monster in Avenue Q is in it! Now, I definitely have to go. I've always wanted to watch an actor grow from performance to performance. How exciting.

Wow. That brings me to the end. There are obviously so many more shows I want to see or wish I could have seen, A Behanding in Spokane being Number One on the list, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. That is disappointing though since I missed seeing Christopher Walken, Zoe Kazan and Sam Worthington perform.

In the mean time, I'm hoping to investigate future shows from the Manhattan Theatre (look at that, they spell it right!) Club. I am also using The New York Times Theatre section to keep me up to date.

Sigh, it's sort of exhausting being an observer.

-The Wishy Washy.


davidlefool said...

Review of Caitlin: The Musical

This charming tale of a small-town girl who makes it big in the big city is sure to warm the heart (that's if you've got one, you postmodern gen-y-tards). Caitlin Hill plays herself as a split-personality who has to be nice to everyone all the time while suppressing her secret desire to commit mass murder on all the annoying uber-fools who haunt her every waking hour.

The cameo by mememolly is sure to incite mass hysterical fainting fits from all the sad lonely fanboys who will no doubt make up most of the audience of this beautifully performed cash-in on Caitlin's fame as Australia's quirkiest export since Alligator Glasgow.


thatgirlonline said...

@davidlefool Brilliant! Who wouldn't put money into that!?

Alligator Glasgow? Is that a real thing or did you make that up? I have to admit, I hope it is the latter!

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Wow, they made a musical out of Green Day? Awesome.

Jer said...

Sorry you cant go. Im in the same situation. I want to go to some concerts but Im not working right now. I mean, Ive paid off my rent and some money for food to survive for a few months but no money at all for anything else. But it was a voluntary choice I made because i needed some time off to think about what I am going to do with my life.

I wish you luck.

davidlefool said...


Alligator Glasgow is a never-released musical prequel to Crocodile Dundee. Singing alligators are on the loose in Scotland, terrorising natives with renditions of 1930s hits. The plot was not considered outlandish enough and it was never staged.

ADB said...

Musicals... never been a huge fan. I still remember about 7 or 8 years ago when Xena, Hercules and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (TV series) each had a musical episode. Even the Simpsons caught on in the act.
Although I am not a fan of musicals, I do quite like the episodes of Buffy and The Simpsons that were musicals. Though that is probably because I am a big fan of both shows and have seen the episodes many times.
I can't believe there is a Green Day musical! My younger brother is a huge fan of theirs, has many of their albums and sheet music so he can play their tunes on his guitars (at last count he had 6!).

I would pay good money to see Terminator or Robocop as a musical, just for a laugh.

taktin said...


Surely you know about this but just in case, there's a big red shiny booth in times square (b'way/47th) called 'tkts' which sells a bunch of shows at half price. You can visit the day you want to go:
Also my roommate uses the discount codes on, it looked a bit sketchy to me but apparently it isn't. If you still aren't coming across any affordable we can probably find you something - but try that first.

Being an observer's exhausting no doubt but, as you must remember more or less fondly, is nothing compared to being observed.. :)