Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Internet Makes Me Mean!

Before we begin, I have to say that I very much enjoyed the reviews of your albums. Some of your reviews were hysterical, and I was very jealous of some of your band names and song titles. You are all very clever, and I'm lucky to be connected with you.

I present you with this: <3 ...Yes, its exactly what you think it is... a Lower Than Three.
(I actually have no idea what I'm talking about... I was never a good Math student. Was I wrong?)

Onwards and Upwards!

I awoke Sunday in a frightened state, there was much to do and I did not feel like I was ready. I found something I didn't like, which delayed my packing for Los Angeles, when I was actually meant to be conversing with great people, like John Noble and Joshua Jackson.

When ready, I pack surprisingly efficiently these days, (but my suitcases are never suitable and macs can be dreadful things to carry, so heavy!) I rushed out and got a cab, and then I happened to see my face on Taxi TV, which was very funny for me!

"Look, I'm on the TV!" I said to the cab driver.
"You?" He said, craning his neck recklessly around to look at me, while driving down a busy narrow street.
"Yeah, look! I'm on!"

Quite silly, really. I usually try to keep my cool. I don't know why I'm so caught up on appearing jaded. I think I mix excitement with big "headedness"...and show disinterest because I believe it makes me look modest, when it actually makes one look rude and arrogant.

Anyway, I filmed the moment with my flip cam while lamenting over the texts I was receiving from Kevin and Jake about how cool and relaxed this junket-like press room was. I thought it was going to be busy and that people would be mean, but apparently everyone was joking and carrying on and that it was surprisingly quiet.
If you haven't seen it yet, see now what I missed out on, all because of my poor organization skills.

I still had fun at the Fringe Panel at Comic Con. Met up some lovely Virginian friends. Saw play with Anna Torv from Fringe and then got Anna and John Noble to chant: Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! with me.

Rushed outside. Ignored another Virginian person. Found David. Got in car. Went to airport.


Plane: long and boring.

Spent far too much time staring at the back of seat.

Lady from India got sick, she didn't look well before she boarded.
She threw up like a champ.
Didn't even make me feel sick.
The attendants were ever so considerate. We were flying American.

SFO is...SFO. San Jose is only cool because it's mentioned once or twice in the Youth in Revolt.

Stayed at Marriot. Marriott. No bathrobes. This simple luxury makes me sad. No minibar. Sadder.

UGX Conference breakfast was embarrassing. Face on two boards and it was funny. So tired. Couldn't speak until I had coffee.

Got on Local NBC news. Thought the lady didn't like me, but found out the next day that I was the only person - out those she interviewed, that she used. Funny. Very funny. If anyone can find it for me, I'll probably kiss you on your forehead one day.

Not really. But I'll pretend. In my sleep. Naked. WHOA!

Good conferences, saw Craig from Craigslist... all I remembers is this:

"Lead, follow
or get out of
the way!"

Left in the afternoon to go the Radio Ink Convergence Panel.

Met Mr. Kawasaki - lovely man.

Got really nervous before the panel. Started worrying that maybe I was developing that sympton that happens when people get nervous. Which would be ironic. Because now when I do want to do things that make me nervous, my body might not let me. We'll see how that develops...

"INTRIGUE, DANGER AND ROMANCE!" - that song is playing at the moment.

The panel went well. Mics didn't work. I tweeted the video, so check out my twitter. But it was funny and nearly everyone, and now me seeing this is weird, so you know I'm not being a dick, was talking about it afterwards.

So we went out for American Food. I had a hamburger with fries, peanutbutter, banana, chocolate milkshake and a banana split. Twas beautiful.

Next day, woke up late, met Mr. Kawasaki again, got a photo and a promise of a book - they had run out. Saw his panel.

And then took part in my crazily-titled panel and that went well. Had long conversations with advertisers and youtubers alike after it was over. Got nervous before that too. Interesting.

Got on a flight straight afterward and went to LA.

Took ages to check in to The Standard. I was quite surprised when my card actually was able to pay for the first night of my room. It took me into the negative, but at least I had actually saved like I planned to...and it will be reversed. Yay, I'm learning.


I got up late, it's so cold in the room. Did some work, ran late to go to The Waffle House, but at least I looked decent. Stared at the Nickelodeon studios across the road rather wistfully. If I had grown up here, I would have been all over that place... not in the shows, just trying to get in them hahahaah. I wanted to be Amanda Bynes when I was 13. Hahaha. God. I was 13. How weird.

Really enjoyed the Standard's Diner...

Gosh, this blog is so boring.

Anyway, The Internet Makes Me Mean. Almost everyone does not get along with everyone and the Internet makes it so much easier for comments to be misinterpreted, hurt more and the instancy of it all, allows or a lot of mistakes and hastily written hate messages/texts/blogs/tumbles ; )

Luckily, I come to my senses. But I no longer want to be mean. I no longer want to look at to feel the intense burning of anger that knowing so many people on the Internet creates. It's awful. I just want to be nice, earnest and friendly.

So here we go. Hi. I like you shiny metal hat.

Love, The Nice Pony and The Meat Lasagne with Sweet Potato Fries and a Diet Coke.


James said...


Chris in the Studio said...

Ha ha, the ending of this blog is good for a chuckle.
I think a lot of people with your type of personality feel rude and arrogant sometimes. I felt that way for not playing your game. My comment when I read it back appeared smug to me but it was not intended that way. So your point about text being easy to miss understand is extremely valid. No gestures or facial expressions to enhance the overall experience.
As for the internet making you mean?
I find this a very interesting subject because one would imagine that it is impossible for someone in your position to stay in touch and interact with all of your subscribers. Its almost a given
that some of them will be a little put off from time to time at your lack of attention. What can you do?
Its part of the nature of your channel. Its honest and your heart seems to be in the right place. People are going to be attracted to
that and inevitably develop an insatiable appetite for more. MORe more more. he he. Just do the best you can. good post

Brent said...

It's so nice that we're sharing the same Time Zone again (albeit for a few days), Caitlin. You always have been "nice, earnest and friendly" on the Internet and I think you started to get those feelings after a few negative comments on your "I'm A Bad Australian!" video. It was purely bad timing with the ferocious bushfires and suffering going on lately. What would you expect when you are Australia's #2 YouTube personality? Their national pride was upfront and they were just using your video comment board to vent their frustrations. This will all cool off, so to speak.

Mighty damn proud of you, holding your own at the San Jose UGX Conference: there was one particular person, Greg Giersch, who attended the conference and was equally impressed by the way you expressed your views. :)

I tried in vain to find that interview you had with San Jose's local NBC news, but I failed. So no pretend kiss on my forehead while you're asleep naked in your bed for me! :D

Simon said...

You are not mean, just busy so Thank You for the posts here.

JoMiMo555 said...

If you were mean I wouldn't like you, and I do like you, so you aren't mean!

Boring blog? Never! You could write about a trip to the grocery store and it would still be enthralling! You just have charisma that bleeds off the page.

Anyway, congrats on that panel! I wish I could see that Taxi TV thingy too:P

Dizzknee said...

I kinda know what you mean about big "headedness" making one look rude. I sometimes get branded a bit of a snob, which I'm actually not (usually not anyway). I'm simply pretty shy. Those things are often perceived incorrectly.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my Wiki-band review. T'was fun writing it.

And for the record, I've never thought of you as mean. If I did, I would probably admit it, because well, I like to speak my mind. I know mean, and you ain't it.

Oh, and there's no reason to stare at the back of a seat for too long...there's always plenty of good books to read.

Thanks for the post...and the pic of you on a big board! : D

Mariam Fátima said...

someday u'll add meeee!!!!!!!
badly Caitlin haha

CC said...

Hey Caitlin!

I was looking for that article for you (and possibly for a kiss ;) haha). I did con across a page when doing a search on their site about YouTube and Craigslist. I came upon this:

I believe that the article is the first one listed, however when I click on it, there is an error. I have e-mailed the studio asking for the article's location or the article its self.

Anyway, hope that helps! Keep up the fun and interesting work! I wish I could have been there to meet the Fringe cast too!

james said...

Well, it sounds like you have been quite busy. It is always entertaining to read the accounts of your escapades. I guess you have the same problem as a lot of us in that you often appear to have an attitude that may not be reflective of how you are actually feeling. I’ve definitely been accused of addressing people in a harsh way when in fact I’m merely attempting to be clear and direct so that I’m properly understood. As for the internet, yes there is plenty out there to make one become angry and possibly mean spirited. For me, that is part of what makes it interesting. I enjoy leaving my comfort zone from time to time and feeling things I may not really be prepared to feel.

This brings me to another point: why must you put an image of naked pretend kisses in my mind? I try to think of you as one of my internet sisters, and I was stricken by very weird and uncomfortable feeling for a second there as such an image makes a very strange mixture with a brotherly perspective. Thanks, Caitlin. I knew there was a reason I keep following you.


Tricky Raider said...

Good Ol' Penelope Taynt fan, eh, please?

JohnnyBeGood said...

Gee you are so so busy! I did see that video of the conference, you answered very well! It is really cool to see these kinds of things!

You? Mean?....Impossible. Well actually I don't know you in real life so for all I know you could beat little kittens wandering the streets of New York. That'd be pretty mean.

lol, just kidding around!


crafty madam said...

I saw you at the Fringe panel, wasn't it grand? I didn't realize it was you that shouted "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!"

Sorry you didn't make it to the signing, they were really awesome people.

Anarina said...

No one can be shiny happy people all the time. I still go on blogtv sometimes to see if "caitlin is still sad".

I am said...

I read your word. I am frags but you are sold.

Clarissa said...

Your blog isn't boring at all. :-) But mine is another story. lol