Thursday, 2 June 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

I am worried about the Dark One. I just cant believe how this day turned out! If someone had told me this was the way the 1st day of June was going to go...I wouldve probably...well I probably wouldve believed you, but you still dont think this stuff is going to happen to you, you know? Well obviously you dont because, like, Im not telling you whats going down...and I probably never will...because theres this thing called privacy...and this whole space thing pretty much takes most of your privacy thats why Im speaking in riddles! Yay! Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Anyway, so yeah, I was ready for a whole day @ school. The last day before friggin' block exams...which Im probably going to do very poorly on, but I must stay positive and study hard and I may even suprise my self...BUT! How can I concentrate after what happened today? Its just filling my mind completely!

It was also was terrible to watch the Dark One being dragged away by the Tin Soldiers, why did he come here if he didnt want to be taken to the Fortress? He struggled so much it was horrifying, the Good Witch and I were just balling our eyes out, he spat on the Chariot and banged his head on the Entrance, the Tin Soldiers had to push the Dark One to the ground and they kept him there for ages until another Chariot arrived and took him to the Fortress. The last words he said to us, before he was pushed inside the Chariot were: Uck Ooo! He seemed to blame it all on the Good Witch even though it was the Analyser that filled out the Parchment for the Tin Soldiers to take him away, because the Dark One was in fear of hurting himself or others...he even had a Sword in his pocket, but he surrendered it.

So they took him to the Fortress, and he was there for a while the Dark Ones lover, the Dark Maiden rang him and we found out that he was waiting for the the Ultimate Analyser...the Tin Soldiers returned to tell us that the Dark One was calm but the next few days or even weeks were going to be hard.

The Boat Builder came over and met the Cloak, that went well, the Good Witch felt better that they had met.

But the Good Witch and I couldnt stop crying, it was like we were grieving for the Dark One, like he was dead...and maybe he is inside, I just hope he can live again.

I went to the Academy to see my Dear Ones and to let the Bambie Eye know what to do with our assessment and give Dearest One my story...they asked what was wrong and I just burst into tears and explained...the Dearest One would, of course, understand since a relative of hers had gone through the same thing.

After a while of sitting around, worrying, the Boat Builder left for the Fortress and an hour later the Good Witch, Cloak and I went to the Fortress to see the Dark One.

It was so nerve-racking. I hate Fortresses! I was so nervous my teeth were chattering. When we got there Boat Builder was talking to Carer and he seemed quite upset and left soon after.

The Dark One seemed quite polite towards the Carer, but once the Carer left the Dark One started to swear and curse and it was so hard to talk to him. The Good Witch and I just started to cry again. Before I left, I kissed my hand and placed it on his head. When the Good Witch came back in to tell him to use his time at the Fortress to get it all together so he can be free of his Darkness and no longer be the Dark One but the Golden One...but he pushed her out of the Viewing Room and the Good Witch just started to cry again...we left soon after that.

The Good Witch said as we were leaving that people would think that someone had died because we were all crying.

Now we are all just trying to calm down and keep on going, though we all feel how you'd feel after a funeral of a relative where you were all waiting for the relative to die...but didnt feel quite relieved just yet, because the pain hadnt gone.

I fear for the Good Witch and Myself...but mostly for the Dark One, I am worried he will harm himself and I pray to God that he wont and will take his time at the Fortress to make him brighter and become free.

So this is my love that I am sending to him, because he wont let me get close enough to express.

I love you Dark One - take care of yourself!

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