Saturday, 2 October 2010

The End of Things - MSN Spaces "TheNeverland88"

I'm still in the process of deleting old profiles and blogs. It's not a matter of privacy, it's a matter of wanting to concentrate everything into one place. To simplify things.

My MSN Spaces blog was created during my last year of high school, not that you'd be able to tell I was a Senior by reading my terrible Internet writing. I don't know why I decided to often write differently online than I would during assignments or even in my own journal.

I was angry and ignorant. I was self-absorbed and impatient. I rarely reached out to friends, I waited for them to reach out to me. I was all the things I hate. I'm clearly still working on some things. Ending ones ignorance is a lifelong battle, but being self-absorbed and being a good friend, I struggle with that. I get too caught up in my head. I get too easily overwhelmed at the responsibility of caring for other people. It's pathetic that should be a problem for me, but it is.

Anyway, so here is my terrible 16 year old self. Still a nice person and not hateful, just confused, angry and starting a new journey after a life of direction (ballet).

My 16 to 17 Year-Old Self, 2005-2006

My terrible grammar and abuse of language has not been edited since I wrote it as a 16 year old. I am quite ashamed of my laziness.

Obviously my views and opinions have changed radically since then, sometimes I'm like, "who is this person?" Other times it's like, "oh, wow, hello stranger!"

16 Year Old Self Starts... Now.

Tagline: "Good Morning Star-shine, The Earth Says Hello!"

Occupation: Blockblisterer & then...

My Fav Websites:

If you love videos & dvds then this site is good to check out what they have! Plus it's my lovely lil work place. I actually like work - how odd??? I told y'all I'd do it!

Shanes Words of "Wisdom" (no longer exists)
Shane is an awesome guy who no doubt will be a really successful, rich business man...and Ill come crawling to him as a beatnik begging for money. And being the great guy he is, he'll give me some. Right Shane? Right? Please!!! U cant find a nicer guy! xo

Williams Talent (not my acting agency anymore due to living in US and not acting)
My Acting Agency

Neverland88 (deleted by me)
My Space! Tis awesome...dont u think? Man, i use that word WAY TOO MUCH! lol...yeah, ive got nothing.

If u r really bored, or stupid, or want 2 play lemonade stand...then this is the place 4 u! I suggest it after holidays & u get back in2 the good ol' spirit of nerdness.

Why its called Bebo I have no idea...but if u wanna keep in contact with ur friends than this is really u can post crap, add pics and sumtime in the future they may look u up and see how ugly uve gotten since highskool. tut tut

If you happen 2 need 2 make a meal 4 sum odd reason or catering,then this cool website has heaps of awesome lil recipe ideas...ive use it heaps and had alot of success...Im going to chortle now. Chortle, chortle, chortle...

This where I get all my annoying, but lovely and sumtimes funnye-cards...they r free so its cool. Tho theyll try 2 sell u stuff, they dont hassle its really sweet.

If your a muggle and love HP than this is an awesome site 2 visit...has so much info & all that jazz!

The Hutle Sint Group (closed)
The Theatre Groups very own webpage...kinda...its can get 2 know how lovely we are!

Enchantment Casting (can't get it to work)
An agency in England..who will surely know about the LL audition when they come up.

Think Snape is sexy? Love the Im To Sexy Than go here...its hilarious!

Like the Badger Badger song? & Do u love HP...than you'll love this quirky lil video!

The Luna Lovegood Network (no longer exists)
If your fav. character from HP is Luna Lovegood than this is a site that contains the best sites for Luna round...Perfect Illusion contains me and my piccy in it!

InCinemas (didn't work for me)
Want to know whats on @ the cinemas & whats coming up...then go2 this site...where u can watch heaps of trailers and get 2 kno what the good movies will b!

England TV & England News...just in case ur interested!

Where you can find the truth and nothing but the truth of HP rumours.

The Ravenclaw Common Room (didn't work)
Once again if you are obsessed with Harry Potter and think youdbe in Ravenclaw house than this would be your Common Room!

Meegos. (I probably only played this once or twice)
If you want a computerised version of yourself go here...they say it costs but I guess it just goes 2 the doesnt get sent 2 u personally or ur parents dont notice..and its only $3!

Oh come on, I had 2 put this website up...they r the ones that supplied me with my awesome lil space!

Mania TV (I would never go here... Did I ever go her more than once. What???)
Nothing on Telly, the check out this awesome site...its 24hr TVon the net...but cooler..i guess, a little like MTV...probably best for Broadband net ppl only...

If you are obsessed about Harry Potter & want 2 get 2 kno JK more, get sum clues on the books and background info than this is the place 2 go. This is also the site where any major book info will b put first!

If you love England & want the latest news on HP than this is the site 2 its kinda cool 2!

Google (hahahahahhahahahahahahahah)
This probably has to be the best search engine on the net - tisgood!

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I had four photo albums titled: Movies, Theatre PPL, My Blog Photos and Me & All My Glory

'Movies' consisted entirely of stolen photos of films and actors or characters such as shots of/from, charlie and the chocolate factory (my blog title was inspired by johnny depp before I knew it was from Hair), Beyonce, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom (ah bah?), Johnny Depp x5, Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman, Keanu Reeves (ah bah?), That Charlie Guy from Center Stage x8, Lizzy Maguire's Best Guy Friend, Lindsay Lohan (aww), TomKat x 2, "The truth is, actually, I'm in love" boy, Ewan MacGregor x 45, the Hollywood sign (throws up), Edward Scissorhands, Luke Wilson (hahaha), Michael Angarannananao, Moulin Rouge x 51, Nicole Kidman x 36, Aragorn, Owen Wilson, Ryan Gosling x 9, the guy who played Peter Pan x 6, Mean Girls including Rachel McAdams x 17, a gif of Tinkerbell, The Bad Guy from Center Stage x 4, Wendy, Mary Poppins x 2, "coo coo ca choo" avatar thingy from Finding Nemo, Center Stage... I got bored of counting, Peter Pan 2003/4, That super cute live-action Wendy, Kylie Minogue as "The Green Fairy", The Nightmare before Christmas, Blurred, Shark from Finding Nemo, The Notebook, Beauty and the Beast and Robots.

'Theatre PPL' consisted of photos from my 16th birthday, the 'Loving Life in Logan' billboard that Jai and I were on, shots from The Movies! The Music! where I danced and performed 'Part of Your World', Into The Woods where I was Lucinda, Boogie Fever which I saw but was not in, Peter Pan where I played Smee, behind the scenes of the Logan shoot, behind the scenes of Wonder in Aliceland, this outdoor improv troupe I was a part of, behind the scenes of Sweet Charity, The Phoenix Theatre 10th Anniversary Party, and my theatre friends formal... I didn't go to their school, so I don't know why I uploaded these.

...and the rest was just of life, like, you know, just making my way, like, through. Oh man, good riddance, 16-year-old Caitlin.


davidlefool said...

From a psychosociological perspective it is somewhat intriguing that your younger self managed to restrict herself to merely seven Harry Potter references in the links. Times have changed since then - Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy recently of course. Apparently they will close loads of stores and try to come back as a viable business sometime.

16-year-old Caitlin has an undeniably cutesy prose style, though there is a sinister hint of underlying venom in they may look u up and see how ugly uve gotten since highskool. Watch out for this Cat.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Wow... you sound so... young. Well, your writing has certainly drastically improved :P The anger, ignorance, self absorption and impatience you speak of doesn't seem to come across in what your 16 year old self said so that's good.

I wanted to work at Blockbusters once... then they shut down. Hmmm...

GoodiesforJulie said...

Keep functioning, girl.