Friday, 14 March 2008

The Definition Of Jealousy

I must say that I was extremely frustrated by the amount of stupid people that watched my video about Magibon. I did have an idea that it would come…I guess I was just naïve.

I don’t care if you love her or hate her…even though I must admit I do not understand it, but there are a lot of things I don’t understand.

Let me first just tell you to not judge me and assume that I just don’t enjoy watching people who speak anything other than English.

What a huge insult.

Not only does that mean that you assume I am conceited, it means that you are commenting to me and criticizing me without knowing me at all (I’m not criticizing Magibon, just questioning her). I absolutely adore most (good) foreign films I see. I loved Crouching Tiger etc and Amelie changed my life, and I’m actually subscribed to a girl who speaks Dutch or something, but I can tell she is great, really enthusiastic…so we can cross out that suspicion.

So why my attitude?

Why my distrust of her authenticity?

I suppose as a girl, I know the tricks of the trade that webgrrls use to get views… and that whole cutesy silent thing, speaking a different language… It seems like she is playing by all the rules in that little black book.

I am also fairly certain that Men are attracted to Women they cannot communicate properly with. All you have to do is watch the movie Birthday Girl and you’ll see that play out. It’s exotic, erotic… Hell, women are huge fans of fantasizing about making love with foreign men.

Maybe it is something in our biological nature?

In the beginning of Man, I’m sure we all talked in a series of grunts and gestures and eventually we came to understand what they meant (just like learning a language). So maybe the reason why we are all so fascinated by foreigners and that kind of erotic fantasy is that it takes us back in time to a place where the body had complete rule. There were no mind games or insecure thoughts.

You felt an urge,
you found a hole
and you grunted all the way.

So when you meet someone attractive, that you can’t understand, the attraction grows purely because it is in our genes to be attracted to that originally.

Don’t you think that makes sense? I hope you don’t find this uncomfortable. I myself am fascinated about it, which brings me back my original topic: Jealousy.

The definition of Jealousy is:

jealousy |ˈjeləsē|
noun ( pl. -ousies)
the state or feeling of being jealous : a sharp pang of jealousy | resentments and jealousies festered.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French gelosie, from gelos (see jealous ).

1 he was consumed with jealousy envy, covetousness; resentment, resentfulness, bitterness, spite; informal the green-eyed monster.
2 the jealousy of his long-suffering wife suspicion, suspiciousness, distrust, mistrust, insecurity, anxiety; possessiveness, overprotectiveness.

Well, that’s interesting. The only pangs I have been feeling are those of anger towards the Stupid/Ignorant/Gross people on YouTube.

Do I resent her? No. She has taken nothing from me personally; she has not done anything to harm me…so how can I resent her actions?

Bitter? Maybe. I can’t pretend I’m a cheerleader going, “Yay for that Chick!” However, if I could be so bold and change bitter with confused, that would be a much better fit.

And my eyes may be green, but this lady rarely occupies my thoughts… except for the last few hours while pouring over the comments.

Suspicion? Now, that I can agree with. While people have been jumping to her defense, they have been letting slip things they know or at least, suspect about this girl. The most common one used is that she is just making these videos so she can go to Japan and be in a TV show. Right… So she is supposedly using all of you delighted fans. And yet, I’m being told I’m in the wrong? Awesome.
The second one is that she lives only 3 hours out of New York. So she definitely is American and yet she is speaking Japanese.

Now! Don’t yell at me…

I know just as well as you do that people are allowed to speak Japanese… it’s the “act” that she puts on. I don’t want to stereotype anyone (though I admit, I often do), but we have all seen that Japanese Anime Girl in our favourite Anime films, the whole Harashuku Girl thing (made even more popular by Gwen Stefani), that whole culture of truly creative women living in Asia who go to extreme lengths to stand out and have influenced fashion (especially the “Emo” fashion) around the world… We’ve seen this all before and she is cashing in on it. It is tiring and boring to me.

What about Applemilk1988? She is American, loves the Japanese culture and speaks Japanese…but she doesn’t put on the whole act.

THAT is what I’m getting at. THAT is what frustrates me.

I don’t see any authenticity in Magibon, it seems like a complete act. I know its just YouTube and everyone is acting, but then you add the fact that she hardly ever talks and there you go, you get me, bitter and confused that any girl could truly enjoy posting a vision of herself that way.

So, Mistrust? Check.

Maybe I feel that way, because I have learnt that acting like an “idiot” (though appealing to many people who just want to laugh and smile) is not respectful. Being respected is the most important thing in the world to me. If you don’t have any respect for yourself and nobody has any respect for you, then how can you truly go about enjoying who you are? I’m not talking about changing yourself, but THINKING. You don’t know me well, but I am extremely fascinated with THINKING AND LEARNING. I may goof around, but knowledge is another one of the most important things to me…and I suppose I just grew tired of people assuming I knew nothing.

As for all the others definitions: nope, not me. I won’t lie though. I’m insecure about most things, but not about this. You can decide you don’t like me after all, that the Caitlin you subscribed to has now changed, but I know that the things I speak are the truth, are the reality and that I’m real. You think you know these YouTubers out there? You don’t. I know them. And it’s all an act. Maybe that’s why I don’t often get along with Chris Crocker, because we’re so alike, we’re honest…and people don’t like that. That’s why they are on YouTube, to blur the lines of reality… But what will we say to our children and our children’s children when they ask us about our lives?

“Oh, I was on the Internet.”

Great story, Grandma.



GeminiDragon said...

Great post, I totally see where you're coming from regarding Magic Bong, or Major Dong, or whatever the heck she's called.

I don't peg you as someone who gets jealous over something as stupid as this anyway. You are classier than that.

Daniel L said...

Very true. I agreed with pretty much everything you said. But the part with Chris Crocker made me laugh. He's not honest. Everyone of his videos are fake. Which is fine, I guess, as long as people know that you are putting on a show.
Just my 2 cents.

robang said...

I hear what you're saying overall about life in general, that's cool. But, I have to say that you surely devoured this topic regarding Magibond and put tons of thought into it. Why are you that concerned about her or her videos? I personally don't care for her videos and don't watch them. On the same token, I don't feel the need to go into such detail over someone that I'm not concerned with or jealous of. That's why this comes across as envy. I'm just being honest as you have.

Amy said...

Maybe we're not so different today than we were back in the "caveman days"...For some people, when they get the urge, and can't find the right "hole", they go on youtube! Some people choose to use youtube this way and others don't; that's why I think the people who come looking for something to watch while they jerk off (or at least something to feed their fantasies) are mostly the people who leave disgusting, negative comments.
I'm sure we can all agree that these irritating people will never go away as long as there's a youtube and will always leave negative comments anywhere...So what's the use of getting angry at them? Will letting yourself get worked up about these faceless people add a single day to your life? Make them go away? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just telling you what I'd probably tell myself if I were in your shoes. I'm pretty sure you've said it before yourself, that they're not worth it! The fact that you're angry and you're trying to vent that anger is totally valid! But in spite of how hard it is, for your own good..don't let stupid people make you crazy :)

Libby said...

The ass holes of youtube strike again.

I have watched a lot of magibon's videos, and every one i just stare at saying "WTF??" "whats with the pizza?" "why isn't she saying anything??" she baffles me. You're video said everything that needs to be said about her. I didn't think you came off as jealous, just hella confused like the lot of us. i mean, you even said something about embracing her, and not pushing her away... then something about weirdos coming together. haha.

Honestly i think people subscribe to her just to see if she'll actually do anything in her next video... at least, that would be the only reason I would subscribe to her...

(loved your impression of her by the way. it was spot on. haha)

Mongrel Salt said...

Only just remembered to change my reader subscription to your new blog name, you've been blogging crazy!

RE: Magibon, check this vid out if you haven't seen it - - it's when she actually spoke some English.

I don't think anyone has really done their research on Magibon. This is how I see it: A bored, lonely, perhaps socially retarded girl started to blog (she has a yahoo blog in Japanese - must be translated). She has a fascination with Japan, she wants to live there and escape her shitty life in the USA. So, she's learning Japanese and talking to Japanese people through her blog. She then starts to vlog - the weird staring stuff comes from her having nothing to say and a lack of editing ability. The weird staring attracts lots of views so she continues to do it - it's a formula that's getting her some attention which she sees is the the best chance she has to get to Japan.

That's what I think, I reckon I'm right but that's irrelevant.

As for you Caitlin, you rock, your videos and your blog are great, keep it up!

RoboFillet said...

As soon as I saw that video I immediately made a friend watch it because I thought it was so good. People need to calm the hell down.

Amy Beloved said...

You didn't strike me as jealous. I actually found myself agreeing with most of what you said. I don't get her either... but you know, each to their own I suppose.

waZdak said...

Regardless how simple and uninspired her videos are, she isn't an idiot.

The uncreative chasm , perfectly matches hers eyes, she has a niche and she works it.

She's got the whole Asian lolicon act down pat.
She doesn't need to speak.

Alot of woman do far more degrading acts to get attention, perhaps she is more creative than I thought.

I to questioned , her, her videos, motives, ambitions. But at the end of the day she is total cuteness. And sex sells.

hell, thats how i started watching you. i was attracted to a thumbnail pic (how sad is that).

Simon said...

Odd, I thought this video received mostly very positive feedback as it deserved.

I value your opinions on internet trends since you seem to live within them and yet can retain an outsiders view - I consider you to be my "embedded reporter" on all things 2.0

Olli said...

Pfff...if my children or children’s children want to hear stories I'll buy them books.

moi-même said...

I find Magibon a bit creepy and I questioned her motives at first as well. I thought your video raised up some interesting points about her, but I'm not sure how she's much different from anyone else on Youtube. It seems to come down to that:
a) She's just trying to appeal to pedophiles and wankers to get views
b) She's become popular on Youtube and it's gone to her head so now she's trying to be famous
c) She's just fascinated with another culture and is starting to vlog in that language to practice and to meet people of that language but has bad editing skills and thus the staring

Tons of people on Youtube (even some of the better vloggers) have been guilty of these things from time to time.
I agree with what you said at the end of your video about how the Youtube community should embrace her because weirdos coming together is what the internet is all about.
I'm not sure how your video was perceived as jealous, you came across as fairly objective.
Great video and blog entry!

umnomequalquer said...

I think people have jealousy for you... You're a nice writer, I like your style!

sdddlt said...

LOL, I knew people would say you're jealous. Very much like with your Chris Crocker video... though this time you refrained from making a second vlog explaining yourself. Too bad though... :P

I suppose everyone has their own reasons to watch Magibon. To a lot of her fans it's supposedly the lolicon illusion she's presenting. Sure it's an act, you can practically see how she developed this character over time in her older videos. But she's good at it and in Japan the schoolgirl in uniform is an erotic symbol. Her videos instantly get on the top lists on YT-Japan everytime.

Besides that, the one thing that makes her appearance on YT really interesting, are her "Nothingness" videos where she doesn't speak at all. I love them because it's the avant-garde of video blogging. They mess with peoples heads because after all, the one thing that people don't expect within a video blog is "nothingness". It drives people to the point of madness, in the comment section as well as in video responses. I've seen other girls yelling at the camera towards Magibon "just say something you stupid fucking bitch".
That's hilarious and yet so sad at the same time, isn't it?!

Also quite interesting is the comparison that Andrew Baron drew in one of the RocketBoom videos between Magibon and the avant-garde composition 4'33" by John Cage, which presents the listener with 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. John Cage said, it's not just silence, it's the sound of the environment that's heard during the performance.

The "environment" on YouTube is pretty much the comment section, and I kinda enjoy the sound of all those confused "wtf is this??" comments quite a lot ;)

themightythor said...

I fail to see why you have this confusion over a youtuber that has figured out a way to profit from the internet.she simply pulls off the living anime girl, which is a popular search for the predominant users of the internet, men. the internet is still a high percentage of men and teenage boys, interested in finding porn related items. Maybe she figured it out and judging from her views on any given video, has learned to profit from it. oppurtunity knocked, she answered. all human communication started as a gesture or movement of a body part, she has just taken communication down to its most basic level. frankly i think she's brilliant.

Leo said...

Just saw a video of her for the first time... She's quite creepy, I think you have some valid points, Can't really tell why anyone would classify it as jealousy. o.o

Chris in the Studio said...

I was really trying to stay out of this one but Thors using the term brilliant caused me downright outrage. This is the perfect example of the over use of the term brilliant,
another term that gets over used is genius. The over use of these terms contributes to the dumbing down of the masses which intern contributes to the dumbing down of the quality of art and entertainment which is why my friends, we are discussing the success of nothingness.
Its f---ing no wonder the space program is having more failures than successes. We all know what she has, but brilliant, come on please. Somebody give me a sedative so I can peacfully co exist with the missing links. Grunt.ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

(I’m not criticizing Magibon, just questioning her)

Well, you're not being friendly. I find the justification of your negative spotlight on her to be rather pathetic. She may or may not be sensitive to your remarks and ridicule, so why don't you just lay off her and make something of your own?

themightythor said...

Chris, you obviously lack the intelligence to understand the context of the word its context it means spark of intelligence. Even inaction can be interpetted as artm secondly,Iwork for nasa, where do you see failure, again disaying the dumbning of the masses because you do not research your point

MattG said...


You mustn't let people who don't have the intelligence to think before they speak hamper your style. I would hate to see you disappear from YT or the net in general just because people cannot separate observational commentary with a touch of satiric humour from "oh my gosh she's an evil h8rz"

In my opinion anonimity is equally the best and worst part of the internet. On the one hand, it really lets people open up and get down to who they really are. This is a good thing. On the other hand, anonimity lets others say very dickish(not a word) things that they wouldn't have the gall to say to your face, because they are sure they are just a voice in the dark. This is a bad thing.

In the end I say, don't let shortsighted people bring you down. Lots of people enjoy what you do, and as long as you enjoy doing it, I say keep up the good work. Thats my 2 cents. *steps off soapbox*

spacekicker said...

Hmmm. never commented on here but eh, here we go. I think that adding more light to the already spotlighted enigma of Magsomethinoranother. And that is what it is, it's the mystery that is surrounding her, the scramble to be the first to decode it. It's the allure of the TV show LOST "WHAT DOES THE ISLAND MEAN?!" I think we all instinctually know that something is ...wrong...different...etc about her, but we'll have to wait to see how it plays out. So in the end ascribing judgments on why SHE is doing the videos is guesswork and saying why people watch her, well...that might be guesswork to, but Methinks there might be some of your own prejudgments mixed up in it and a good place for some self analyzation. Now monkey, back to making fun videos!

Sakura said...

I see where you're coming from...I find it irritating how easily people are won over by stupid stuff and no one seems interesting in someone who actually has something to say. I also find it irritating that many many of the people watching her videos don't care to understand what she's saying rather than just look at her...I find it weird that the kind of attention she's getting doesn't bother her. I don't understand why someone would exploit themselves like that. I for one wouldn't want so much attention from perverts rather than someone who would actually listen to what i have to say. I'm also bothered that she doesn't bother to sub her own .videos but that would take away the mystery I suppose. I speak some Japanese and have been to Japan, it's a cool place but that's no reason to try to be something you're not ya' know? ugh

I'm sorry for all this and you don't even know who I am lol just another subscriber i guess but you touched on something I find kind of irritating.

Dawn Elizableth said...

You are so right about Magibon. She's creepy and I feel like a pervert watching her. Even though I'm not attracted to her because I'm a woman. I feel that there has to be more to the story. The culture thing between Americans and Japanese is really really odd. When I was in college, a friend of mine went for a modeling job. This guy did art for Japanese business men. What did she wear, baby outfits and then was asked to pee in a diaper. How freaking gross that grown men are paying for this. She was paid $120 per hour. So who's the fool?

nicholas9999 said...

Well, so I went to see who was this magibon person, and she's cute. physical attractiveness is a factor in both real life and on the 'net. She doesn't do much open-mouth smiling because she needs some dental work. I don't know about girls, but a lot of guys I know simply like to look at good-looking females, without too much questioning of their motivations or intelligence. But of course it gets pretty boring soon enough if she never says anything, or is sort of dumb. Guess the mystery will be solved as time passes.

apu000 said...

Totally agree whit you Catlin I star to get bored of that "Japanese" girl i think that the only reason I am subscribe to her is because i know something is gonna happen,i mean she cant keep doing that kind of videos but definitely if i av to choose between you and that chick i will choose you,no doubt and i love the way you write is just magical XD

TexSpence said...

You know - I get it a little better than I do anime...she is the physical personification of anime - the big eyes, etc. She is cute and cuddly and adorable - or so I'm given to believe about anime. So she fits it - that is her thing I guess...and if it gets her over to Japan - more power to her and sayonara. Remember, Baka wa shinanakya naoranai.

John said...

So your video was serious? That's kind of sad. I thought you were joking around. You have a very self centered and shallow point of view. Maybe you should just stop and take a look at that instead of trying to make justifications and rationalizations.

SuperJV said...


comments along the lines of being jealous of majibon or not liking her because she's speaking another language are, apart from anything else, _unintelligent_

there is a huge difference between so called 'hating' and questioning or criticism.

and anyone who actually watched your video to the end will see where your heart is at, and that at the end of the day you are just _asking questions_

I liked this video. It's funny, it's thought provoking. It has a little feminist criticism in it. Caitlin. You are part of the YT culture, you are a significant part of it's creation. You have more than earned the right to criticize and ask questions.

And what you elaborate with here in this post, re attraction etc. The whole Gwen Stefani thing (which drives me crazy !) is interesting, and I would largely agree with it.

Try not to let silly people get under your skin so much. (easy for me to say, I know)

Just keep doing what you're doing. Keep being you.

rafiya said...

Magibon is jealous of japaense girls who are a fad nowaday. So she tries to imitate japanese girls (to the great pleasure of animenerds). What a vicious cycle. I think magibon is super ingenuine too. But so is Chris crocker! how could you possibly be such a terrible judge of character lol

< D > said...

Hey Don't get so pissed by those who defend this Magicbon girl . Some people just pity her and like her coz she's cute. i admit she's a bit weird but everybody is different right ? so kinda have to accept people who are like that even if you don't like them :) just chill

Dezireh said...

It sucks that so many dumbass YouTubers made you feel like you had to explain yourself and your video.
It was your opinion about another YouTuber, who is completely pointless no matter how you look at it.
I hope you're not letting this drag you down too much&I love your videos.<3

Taufik said...

You may not be jealous of her but, Catlin don't hate magibon..

She is just as fake as Bree from LonelyGirl15...(you used to watch her like me!!!) yet.. more people still watch that show compared to ichannel which is better imo.

Tyler said...

I though your vid was perfectly reasoned- I got no indication you were jealous- just confused about what this girl is doing. And I had the same reaction. I saw one of her vids, and I thought "Cool! She's making a statement! I'm watching her and she's watching me! She's using irony!"

But then I watched a second one, which was exactly the same, and realized she was not pulling my leg. No irony. She's like a role player with a chip on her shoulder, insisting she's half elf. Wow. How frikkin' enigmatic.

Ah well. Personally, I'd rather watch some one like you who has considered opinions and a sense of humor. AND authenticity.

Alan said...

Sounds like your inner Pooh is beginning to stir.

Chris in the Studio said...

Thor, I realized as I published my comment that it was a little personnel of a jab to be putting out there because I do know you work for the space program but it was not intended to be. I used that as an example because its the far end of the spectrum. I have read several articles and seen news programs such a 60 minutes that have well documented the failure of NASA to operate in as effective way as possible because of the problems with subcontracting costs and time elements. I can also point out that during recent years they have failed several attempts to land drones on mars. Its sheer coincedence that I used nasa as an example and you happen to work for them. I still feel you use the term Brilliant to lightly. Unless your using the term sarcastically
I don't see any context in which it fits here. I understand your opinion and respectfully disagree.

Alan said...

How is it a good majority of the commenters here with Blogger accounts have only signed up as recently as 2008? I'm jealous.

Actually, I'm not... I've another thought on this however, but will share it either anonymously or posthumously. Or personally. Possibly cryptically.

Or not. \\\\\

TheMightyThor said...

the drones were from England/Euro Space program. the NASA drones landed safely and operated well beyound expectations. There are no government agencies that operate in an "Effective" way. NASA is one of them.
I stand by my use of the word Briliant, if you did research you would see that Magibon is quite well thought of as a young woman with a talent for her use of words. i happen to enjoy the fact that every body gets pissed off at her for doing nothing. wasnt that the whole premise of Sienfeld tv show?

Chris in the Studio said...

the problem with polar lander and its sister spacecraft the climate orbiter, can be blamed on NASA's management considering the misscalculations came from europeans using metric and americans using inches. This oversight is preposterous. I won't even get into the problems with ISS space station
and the shuttles replacement. Thats not really the issue, the issue is that the context of your use of the word brilliant is meant to signify By def. "Exceptional Intelligence" How is playing to the most basic and primitive forms of communication,"Exceptionally Intelligent? The parallels are striking, miscomunication at nasa, loss of billions. Basic instinctual communication on utube.
The dumbing down of entertainment.
Now I have nothing against Magibon
and think she is very sweet and all that nice stuff so I don't mean to insult her. I question the level of intelligence of the masses that view it. That said ist quite possible that thats just what people need for the time being.So thats fine but lets call it what it is and not start giving out pulitzer But it is good to question things so props to caitlin. Anyway, good debate Thor

Chris in the Studio said...

Oh and Larry Davids my hero so please don't compare magibon to Seinfeld or your really going to get me going.hahha
All hail Larry David

sdddlt said...

@Chris: Despite those faults in the past (it wasn't even NASA, it was Lockeed Martin who used the imperial units), the mars rovers are already operating longer than expected. Frankly, I believe that's mostly because my name is on the DVD that both, Spirit and Opportunity, carry along! hehe... :P

Chris in the Studio said...

I'm not sure of the exact chain of command but the articles I read were digs at nasa, its not really the point though,Nasa has its good sides to, the point I'm trying to make is that if top scientists make these kinds of mistakes who is to blame,
and if the brightest and the best are really that stupid then are we all just lowering our standards a little to much. Anyway I've exausted this topic. I post a conclusion on my blog. he he

AUnplugged81 said...

Ok, so clearly the "stupid" people have felt much too comfortable since the beginning of time to voice their opinions. Well as a representative of the "NON-Stupid" people, I'd like to stand here today and declare my official, unconditional support for TheHill88! I've got your back girl. I made a little video for you sharing my thoughts on the situation, if you ever have a free moment to check it you, you're certainly welcome to.

It's on YouTube
Username: aunplugged81
Title: I support TheHill88

Thanks Caitlin for all that you do, I have nothing but great respect for you and support you 100%!

TheMightyThor said...

Chris, while i have enjoyed this debate, my point of the matter is research. If you did your research as i have done you would find on independent sites that Americas Space program is just doing fine. If you only understood what it takes to build fly and maintain space craft, maybe you would see things differently. Back to Magibon, If you did your research and translated her blog/page thru google or atlavista, you would see that even she is mystified by why any one would watch her videos. but seeing as they are, she will go with it. again my point of art is, if she is truly using "ART" as her premise, doing nothing is as much art as the hum of a machine. Magibon maintains an aire of mystery which makes her attractive beyond her looks. she is wise or brilliant to know this and take advantage of it.

Chris in the Studio said...

You make your point very well regarding your opinion of Magibon.(just a wee bit of spin there though buddy). I appreciate her a little more based on your argument but will not agree nor argue the point of brilliance any more. Suffice to say,"Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.)And I guess in this case art.
As far as the space program, Lets take that debate up
in the not to far off future. Another time and place.
Youve worn me out on this one. Be ready , I will be stacking the deck due to your obvious advantage in that

heimanj said...

"'Oh, I was Internet.'
Great story, Grandma."

Is that a stab at Justine "I am the Internet" Ezarik?
BTW, did you ever get to meet her at SXSW?

ThatGuyOnline said...

Jealousy and envy is a positive's what drives us. I'm not jealous of anyone but myself!

Digger Jones said...

About a week or so ago, I stumbled upon a video by this young, thin, attractive, foreign girl, and almost instantly liked her. I was delighted to subscribe to her, nevermind all the criticism she was getting from from other various personalities. She was wide-eyed and CUTE beyond words! This was despite several videos showing her stuffing her mouth with junk food.

That girl was YOU, Caitlin!

Aside from language, hair and eye color, the only true difference between Magibon and you is that you're more of a spastic. Being spastic, in my book, is a virtue. Plus you produce more actual content and entertainment. And sarcasm.

You both are living caricatures who serve various niches in the Youtuber market. I happen to prefer saucy, blondish Aussies at the moment. Someday, if I need a quick Asian fix, Magibon might hit the spot.

You really have inspired me to amp up my own content. I admire your fearlessness in putting yourself out there.


chewy said...

as they say, mate, ignorance is bliss. I love practicing my british accent , although i sound Australian doing it. But then it all goes back to what we learn in sociology and social psych. Attribution theory; where the general populous will focus on the individual's action/behavior and not bother to contemplate the situation in which or why they are bothering to do the behavior. People are naturally judgmental. Its human nature i suppose. But it just goes to show you that ignorance is well supported over intelligence. Those who have thoughts that show the slightest iota of being well spoken are shunned for their thoughts, unless highly attractive, in which people see them more as charismatic. Unfortunately, this is a very one sided view of the world. We do have people out there like yourself, and others, who choose to look beyond the name, face and see people who what they really are, if we so choose to. But, to many of us, there are much more important things in life, than criticizing others for their behavior. We have to focus on own first.

Enthusiastic Optimistica said...

Ignore those comments! What are you even doing defending yourself writing a several hundred words about someone of no significance?! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE THAT CAITLIN!

I really like that you brought this topic up though. How annoying that girl is...I cannot even begin to describe. Thank you. It's a relief to know that some people feel the same way too. haha.

viv said...

this is why i suscribed to you
because you're real...

Lynn Chiu said...

Youtube is fucked up. Caitlin , thought I could share this with you. I'm very very disappointed in youtube. Youtube Taiwan is bought by the KMT party and TV stations. The recommended videos features videos from chinatv, hakkatv, SETTV and CWTV. The special feature video is President Canditate Ma's commercial. He got a special feature with just 200 views. This is too much. I can't put up with this. Youtube is no longer your tube. People like you is what youtube should be made of.

oogie said...

Actually, I knew why Magibon/MRirian is acting like that because she thinks she's the exact character to this anime character.

I suppose this is the similar character on the right.

I saw this one before on her video log but she removed it. Pretty much she thinks she's this character. And she can't be 21 years old. She looks 14 to me.

So yeah.

John said...

Relax, she's just trying to learn Japanese through YouTube.

Also can you say, projection?

webwizzer said...

We all have different opinions... But hey I like you better... :p

hbloms said...


"You get an urge,
You find a hole,
You grunt all the way trough."

That gotta be quote of the week...

I love you girl.

And about Magibon... Yeah...

She's definitely trying to close some kind of a deal. She is speaking way too much Japanese on an American site. I mean, sure there are japanese Youtubers but they already have plenty of sites for themselves.
I've been watching all these movies online in the past week. I think i've by tonight watched 12 movies in 6 days. 10 of those were on japanese sites.

She doesn't need youtube in any way so: WHY IS SHE HERE?!

RaZ said...

i dont think you did that video out of jealousy. so just ignore those people who say that. in fact, they're just jealous of you for making such a great video! (:

i believe that everyone deserves the right to make any video that they feel like doing, regardless of what language they speak. and yes, i like watching magibon's videos though i have no idea why. maybe its because she's just so cute and pretty. but pls, i am a girl so im not some pervertic freak or smtg. NOR AM I A LESBIAN. i just like her videos. *shrugs* though i sometimes think that her voice/facial expressions are sometimes a teeensy bit irritating. but hey, i CHOSE to watch it, so i have to bear with it right? (:

so yes. i think that as much as you have the right to make a video to voice out your thoughts, she has the right to voice out her "thoughs" too.

good day everyone! (:

KenwoodKlown said...

It seems as if your instincts were telling you something! Little Ms. girl-woman Lolita fantasy Magibon with the nice rack is in fact an actor creating a buzz for an upcoming thriller! Ha-ha who'd a thunk it?

As one of the four ppl on this planet who wasn't fooled for a second by LG15 back in the long ago time; I'm jealous. After watching Magibon's vid I so didn't spot it. Well done man :)

Holom.Balam said...

Damn! I was reading when I began to imagine your voice saying that thigs... It was corrupting my thougths and decided stop reading. Sorry. I lost the notion of serious or kidding (would you make your posts shorter, plz :D).

What I can say with a bit of the readed, is that a lot of people who gets along with somebody who seem to be innocent, fragile, indefensive or, why not, sexy (in other words, nice to meet with), takes a response much more agressive than if they were defending another ironic, sarchastic, joker people (i.e.... mmmh... you?), although you're sexy too ;)...

Jejeje, don't get angry or whatever of this, there are crazy people everywhere...

...or don't you remember that "leave Britney aloooooooone!!!(tears, tears, tears)"?...

Viva México, cabrones!!!

Chan said...

what an unnecessarily long post. i bet you were bitten by that video. that's why we're deprived of your new vids. thanks for leaving option open so we can reply with our own vids. you're the mother ship and we are just coming along for the ride. come back soon/post vids :)

bulbastre said...

I agree with you that foreign people looks more attractive, but I guess it's also because of different bodies and faces - I mean, I'm Spanish, and your green eyes and blond hair would get some attention here.
Plus, some people think people that speak another language is sexier because the fact of f*cking with them is more difficult due to poor communication, and succeding -aka f*cking- deserves more self-admiration --think about a trophee or a reward, and you will get the idea.

However cute and silent girls are OK, I prefer excentric and funny ones.

So, take all these facts, plus the ones that you pointed out so well, and mix them. What do you get?
Here I am, a foreign guy that speaks a foreign language, subscribed to your videos, grrrrr

If you come to Barcelona, call me, grrrr

Julia said...

I've been studying Japanese for a few years now, so I can understand her Japanese when she uses it. She not only stated on her profile that she is 21, but she also said so in an "introduction" video she did. She also makes random references to having to go to "work."

I have so much trouble believing that this could be true because she acts SO YOUNG. I'm referring to both her mannerisms and what she actually says. She sounds like a junior high kid at most when she says "zettai ikitai *closer to camera* NIPPON"- "I definitely want to go *closer to camera* JAPAN!"

Oh yeah, she's definitely American and she said so herself.

I have to say that I -do- resent her because if she's really 21 years old as I am- why is she talking like a baby? I know my Japanese sounds childish because I'm not fluent or anything, but she seems to aim for that.

Oh, and those videos in which she's not talking? She uses the character "無" in the title, which actually does mean "nothing." I skimmed through her Japanese blog once and read that she think it's funny.

*sigh* This further pushed my belief that she simply cannot be 21 years old.

Btw, Caitlin, I think this is the first time I've sent you any kind of comment. Your videos are awesome. :D

Bohm Technical College said...

i've seen cached versions of her myspace saying she's in the mid-teens.
i'm almost 40. i hate it.

Julia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia said...



I haven't exactly "studied" all of her videos.

I know she mentioned something about a "junior high project" once.

I hope she is on the younger side because then she'd annoy me a lot less.

Samhaldsfestarin said...

Magibon dream seems to have come in to fruition. I wish her the best as I am sure you would want people to wish you the best.

Your video was good ammo for hate on youtube. Not something we need.

Spencer said...

Aw, see? This is pure authenticity.

Caitlin, I've always enjoyed your videos, but now I see more truth in this writing than I've ever seen.

You have to fucking love free speech, right?

Keep on, Caitlin! Live the life.

nazanin said...

Hi Caitlen hows it going? So anyways I see what you are saying about MRian or Magibon or something. I think the same way. Like how does this girl get so many views without doing nothing? I think people watch her videos once and then say to themselves oh this girl is very strange im gonna go tell other people about her. So now that everyone is talking about her and saying shes strange and everything shes getting more views to see whats going on! Well dont worry i know that you are not jealous at all. You are just telling other people that shes strange and what they like about her that they watch on youtube. I also wanted to say your videos are very funny but you know try not to swear as much. Well I belive thats about it so bye.

RAVI said...

Waste of your life trying to Judge her or others!

James said...

Ah Caitlin, you are quite wise. One thing you might want to consider is that sex is only one example of a non-verbal act which creates an emotional connection. Of course sex does this best when it is an emotional peak and more than just a physical act. This is a process that evolved to keep us reproducing, obviously.

The image of a baby is another artifact that produces a nonverbal emotional connection. This is a process that is very much hard wired into our brains, and without such a natural emotional response, babies would not be properly nurtured. Studies have indeed shown that the image of a baby changes the brain wave activity of socially normal adults.

Magibon is able to capitalize on both types of emotinal responses. She is obviously a sexually mature individual and yet presents the cutness factor of a baby with the looks she gives and the unintelligable vocalizations that are very much like baby talk. An individual could respond to either factor or both simultaneously.

Remember, though, that these are emotional responses, which are largely uncontrollable.

I will not assume to know her motives, but note that by generating an emotional response in others, she creates one in herself as well.

You are trying to find a rational reason for the appeal when it is based entirely on emotinal reactions. It is actually very similar to many forms of art. I'm not saying what she does is any sort of refined art since that requires the artist to have a very good understanding of why what they do works, and i'm not sure she has that understanding. Your reaction is very much like what some people have to many forms of art in that you are essentially asking how anyone can actually find it appealing. Indeed that actaully means you have a more refined approach to art since you seek an understanding of why it should work or why doesn't work.

Since you are somewhat of an artist yourself, you will of course be accused of jealousy, but it most definiately is not. If anything, it is a sign to me that you greatly value and take seriously your own artistic qualities whether you know it or not.


Jamie said...

movies are primarily called movies because people and things move on screen. sometimes we tend to forget that videos don't always have to be with sound. magi does not talk in her videos that much, but i guess that's her style. most people are not used to it because vloggers are usually mad and loud now.

Invidosimer said...

I like your style... You write well. I have a question though, if you are not jealous and you do not envy. How would you describe your relationship towards her? If indeed it were a relationship. I do not intend to sound hateful or anything, for I am no fan for hers nor a subscriber.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet a woman who liked a man who could not communicate...I think you are wrong there...however, men do like women who can't communicate...MEN AND WOMEN AREN'T EQUAL DUMBASS...Men like women who can shut up. American women are famous for their big mouths and nagging ways. Mririan is a refreshing change from that. So, theHill88, go fuck yourself bitch. Mririan rules !!!

Anonymous said...

Magibon is the real deal. I was there from the beginning. She made a video called "nothingness" and I e-mailed her and told her that I loved that video and wanted her to more. I was one of the original first 50 subscribers so I should know. She replied back, "really?" and I said "yeah, you make me laugh and put me in a good mood" and so it began. She started making about 2 videos a week about "nothing".

Anonymous said...

Magibon is a hell of a lot sexier than you. White girls suck. Asian girls are the future. Men are beginning to stop reproducing with white women because they are understanding what bitches they really are. Your time is over. Asian girls are where it's at now. BYE BYE

Invidosimer said...

Hold it one sec... Mr Red Pill99. It is interesting how you say things. Correct me if I am wrong, ,You want a person who doesn’t really communicate, except through sex, to rule?

I may not be a girl nor do I support any feministic cause, but what I think you are trying to say is that women should take a step backwards and be flirtier.

"Men are beginning to stop reproducing with white women because they are understanding what bitches they really are"
What are you trying to imply from this? Do you have any fact or source to back this up? Or are you telling us about yourself. Because you, my dear friend, do not represent the race of white men. Nor do you represent men as a whole. I would strongly disagree as to "Asian girls are the future." What are you honestly suggesting? Every men in the world to have babies with Asian girls? Would there honestly be enough Asian girls to do the job? But then, in order for the babies of these Asian girls to be qualified as Asians they must therefore raise their child in Asia and be fed with the Asian curriculum. Honestly what are you trying to say? It doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be Asian, if they were to be brought up by a white women teacher with white women ideals.

Also… Could you describe in detail the good mood that you felt from watching Magibon doing ‘nothing’

USMCJosh said...

Dude, how can you compare Seinfeld and Megga Pawn. First off, while Seinfeld had no real direction and really wasn't about anything, they still fucking talked! I mean holy christ. Anyway. I completely agree with our firendly truthsayer here. She's completely pulling peoples strings but if people want to allow their strings to be pulled then fuck it. Good for her! The whole little black book thing I wouldn't know about. That might as well be holy water to me.

Leah said...

I think your post has a lot of good points, and I'm a huge fan of yours (you're hilarious and smart, which is cool :-)) but I watched a thing about her going to Japan to be on some TV show, and I think a lot of the reason why she angles the camera down and doesn't talk much (at least why she started doing those things) is because she has really bad teeth. I sort of feel sorry for her! She's probably just some lonely girl who doesn't get much attention for her looks in real life who is enjoying the attention she's getting on youtube. Here's the link to the video, if you haven't already seen it:

Ray=Out said...

Você não precisa de preocupar com nada disso. Não dê importância...

Invidosimer said...

Hey... Watch this magibon in japan... not only she speaks english she uses a translator to speak japanese..

santi said...

Oh, Amelie (L)!cv

Let Sakata said...

You just said what many Youtubers think but neverr said it because they didn't want to be on the spotlight like that.

I think most people (especially us, who don't speak japanese) don't get what Magibon is doing. If she decided to vlog in japanese, it would be understandable. But NO. She just stares at the camera with her huge eyes and her 12 year old girl face.

People shouldn't be saying bad stuff about your video or this post..
and by the way, the video was hilarious!

Stephy said...
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Jord∂n∂ ∂m∂r∂nth∂ said...


Sheila said...

I don't really know who she is (not her Youtube identity, I mean like her actual person) - I keep hearing that she actually lives in America, is 20-something, doesn't speak Japanese...etc? It gets kind of confusing.
To be honest, she doesn't really bother me all that much because she doesn't affect my life. I just choose not to watch her videos when I see them. But I do agree with you about the whole confusion thing, because I mean...from the videos I have seen, I really don't understand how she manages to get millions of views.
Although I do think that some people take it to extremes. Like, the devoted fans who defend her and then the haters that try to do everything to denounce her or something. Either way, it's sort of excessive.
But, if it wasn't for this excessive human behavior, she probably wouldn't be getting any views at all. Sometimes, I think the viewers are the ones to blame because if it wasn't for them, Magibon(?) wouldn't be such a huge thing.

Ian said...

you're jealous. if you weren't, then you wouldn't care. like how i don't care. meh.