Tuesday, 8 February 2005

1st Update On Me - Bebo

Hey, Im Caitlin...duh. Um...well I'm gonna write this to let everyone know whats going on in my life @ the moment...cuz I think thats what its 4...pls feel free 2 comment and all that. This site could actually become really handy if we move or whatever...that way we can always keep in touch.
Okay, so what is happening to me right now? Well...it is my 2nd week of Windaroo Valley SHS. I quit QDSE as most of you know, becuz i dont want 2 b a ballerina anymore. Im still gonna dance so I dont become a fat boombalada...but yeah, ive decided to get more into performing now. I can concentrate on acting, helping with the theatre and improving my singing voice. BUT! i cant get too attached to the theatre and its loveliness else Ill never b able 2 leave and hopefully move on. Which is what I wanna do. But itll b hard...only cuz ill want 2 keep seeing everyone. Today sucked. I was fine, just a little stressed and tired over everything but i wouldve handled it well if Harry hadnt of thrown chocolate milk @ me so that it got on my white shirt...chocolate stains you know!!! IDIOT! so I cracked i went and washed sum of it off and decided that I was going to leave, I cant take this school crappy yappity. But ill be back 2morrow, oh yeah. Anyway Im teaching @ my old dance studio on Mondays and Tuesdays and Im rehearsing @ the moment for a show called The Movies! The Music! where i sing so thatll be quite scary...IS quite scary actually..i think it opens next friday...argh! and yeah i do senior youth theatre on thursdays and i love theatre ppl very very much...and yeah. Thats it for me! WALA!!! sorry for posting so much. MWAH! xoxoxo

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davidlefool said...

lols u iz a hot zweet fing (wtf). R U underage? (u look abt 13 omg). i is not a perv. huh?