Tuesday, 15 February 2005


Well i was having a carefree singles day...full of no cards, flowers etc...and then when i get home i get a card...but its not just any card...its a V-Day card...and yet its very girly...with sequins and neat writing...so im thinking this cant be real it has to be a joke..then i find that emily has a neat decorated one as well...so who is it you naughty ppl!

lol...it was a nice note tho...i love thee to the breadth, depth and height my soul can reach

so pretty...reminded me of the good times...

these are some good times here: as pictures... ones of me and scott when we were young and innocent...the other is of a lil gang that includes andy cuz he looks odd, the other is of me cutting cake which was good...and other crap! lol

5:03 PM

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