Wednesday, 23 February 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.


Hey Everybody, which is basically nobody cuz nobody views this site...Um...I went to Nicks party on Saturday nite, which was good. I actually had fun, even tho I was really tired, and wanted 2 sleep, i didnt want 2 b boring so I made my self do stuff...I spent most of the night with Zack, Frog, Matt, Alex & Scott & all that...but mainly Zack &, it was funny. Lets just say we had a...bonding session, funny.

@ like 4am Matt got hungry & made us get up 2 take Zack home & then we went 2 Maccas which was a life saviour & all. I felt really odd being up that early and eating breakfast and seeing all the odd early, early morning ppl...its like a whole new strange world...well, not really, but you know.

Sunday was our first day of rehearsals for x-stacy ( spare a thought for darling emily, and another one for her recent sorry emmy! I didnt want that to happen to you! He shall recieve a beating! ) we just read thru the play, it went much swearing.

Afterwards we went and visited my Gran for her bday, but, she spent most of her time feeding us instead of relaxing & then I got tired & nearly fell asleep, while they spent most of their time bitching about how crap life is when you have 2 share with your grandparents...I dont mind it. Sumtimes it can be really, really annoying & frustrating...but I dunno, sumtimes I feel like Im head of a business, and ppl are working for that bad? It feels like a bad idea...i dunno. Im doing a silvia and going on tangents and all.

But yeah...on Monday I was late & tired...both Nicole & I (Nicole is this new girl, who likes to speak her mind alot, which is sometimes not a good thing, but she is a nice girl really) were kinda stressing about our dances...mainly hers cuz she hadnt even finished. Um...we had like a dynamic problem but hopefully we fixed that. Well I dont care if Nicole didnt, all I care is that my dance gets a good mark...Im hoping for @ least a B-...if I get lower than that, Ill be a bit upset...okay Ill aim low...C+.

Monday nite dancing came & went & I still havent been paid for the last 2 weeks, which is really frustrating cuz you feel like you have nothing to work that stupid teaching with talkative lil teens is worth your time & energy. Im missing important study and homework time...I could be doing my essay for the gerbils sake! Geez...grr...I better be paid week, else I wont be able to teach enthusiastically at all. Like just tonight, when I found out I hadnt been paid for this week I found it really, really annoying and when the pointe class came around I could barely teach teh syllabus, cuz i found it all so tedious...its not like this is benefiting me really, cuz i dont want to be a teacher!

Anyway, Im doing important things for my career, which I wont reveal, and becuase of those important things Im taking a day off skool 2 morrow...I just hope all goes well...and I have to try to be a good person, and not let this go to my head...and make me a bitchy, impatient person...cuz that isnt me...QDSE changed that. EDIT 09/14/10: Yeah, right. Clearly. Tut tut.

Yeah, btw, Nicole & I did our dance assessment. I think mine went well...Nicole 4got hers...and cuz she 4got I 4got as well, so that wasnt good. I hope everythings going to be sweet. Main things to worry about now is this stupid drama essay and the drama studies prompt book assignment...and yea, skool in general.

I'm looking 4wd 2:

* another x-stacy rehearsal 2morrow nite.

* hanging with the theatre crew on thursday @ ST.

*Fridays performance of the movies,the music..and hopefully going out that nite.

*AAA on saturday, (Im a bit scared when it comes to Go Noah) and the performance that nite...and going out that nite...

*Sunday and either the free day or rehearsals for x-stacy that will be held...i love thee!

peace out xoxoxo...I finished reading the Genesis chapter...Exodus looks interesting..all about good old Moses! Let my people go! lol...xo

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