Saturday, 19 February 2005


Hey you! Yes you! Want some entertainment? Want some ravishing, davishing, smavishing entertainment?

And do you also love movies...and the music from the movies?

The come on down to XXXXXXX Theatre @ the XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXs for:


I trully wonderful review show with nearly all your favourite songs from nearly all your favourite movies!

Come see them dance! sing! and entertain their hearts out for the wonderful audience that should be you!

Caitling sings Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid and after that mainly dances...but wouldnt that just be fantastic?

Lol...sorry 4 speaking like a wanker im just trying to advertise this lil show, itll b good...i cant actually say anything bad about it in case some how Brett (the director) comes on this site and sees...I dont really think anything bad about it...but some of the viewers have said that the second the middle...the beginning and end is a little *yawn*...if u get what i yeah, there may be songs u dont like...but after the ones you dont like there is surely some ones u will not like, i go again, being the wanker and all...teeheehee.

So yeah, i love you all...come see the show!

Its on from: Feb 18,19,25,26 & March 4,5,11,12.

@ 7:30pm

To book tickets call: XXXX XXXX

Adults - $18 and Concession and Kids - $15


I'll see you @ the peace xoxo

the photo @ the bottom is the closest pic 2 silvia that i have...tho she looks quite different! and the others are of the theatre ppl that will b in the show!

EDIT JULY 27th 2010: Unfortunately the photo I had posted of Silvia was of Rachel Bilson as her character Summer in The O.C. I honestly don't think I meant anything bad by it, I probably just thought their hair looked similar, shiny, but still, I obviously had a long way to come compared to people who had grown up in more multicultural environments.

5:11 PM


Amor_a_mi_es_todo wrote:
Hello darling, it's YOUR blast from the past lol. Nice hearing from you deary, love what you've done with the website, especially love all the pics of you beautiful you did turn out lovely didn't you?? Sorry you had to stumble upon my's kind of only written in when i'm incredibly miserable :S. But anyway, to clear up the matter i had to change my last name so there weren't any complications further down the all started with me trying to go for my learners..maybe i'll tell you the story one day, maybe i won't. The point is i just wanted to say howdy and make my presence known... we really must catch up some day darl... long time no see. Well ciao darling Love Silvia :)

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