Wednesday, 16 February 2005


That nite Emily and I discovered that Emma, who makes her own cards and teddy bears and is very creative sent them to all of us...and tho it was a lovely thought, and i love her muchly for really just made me feel more lonely than i already am...not that I want a boyfriend...i couldnt handle one...especially in year already stressing enuf and its only like my 4th week! argh! so ive decided that when "love" does come my way, itll b someone liking me 1st and then me realising i like them too after i know that they like me...oh yes, that will b the way it so not as in miserable...but as in pathetic! lol

So yeah... also today the year 12's had their induction or whatever it gonna call it our Senior Ceremony..where they give everyone their badges and we all get badges that say wearing one now. I reall need to get some piccys of me now...i havent had any since xmas...and they were scary! yeah, that needs to be done...and ill get an up close and personal picture of my senior badge for al to admire..its quite dodgy tho.

Some of the speeches were really inspiring...and i hope this year isnt entirely shite for me...its quite stressful tho. I have to catch up with Maths A...and its hard 2 cuz i keep getting distracted by Matt and Harrys antics...and I have to finish this dance im doing for dance...cuz thats due next tuesday...then for Drama i have an essay due next thursday, which i just cant get my head around cuz its not inspiring me or giving me ideas...and i also have to make a Prompt book for Drama Studies..and I have to read some books in my own time so that I can get a grasp on what the Modern History class learnt last year...oh man, everything sucks right now.
And i sang my song last was fully crappy! i cried on stage cuz it sucked so bad!

And the openings this Friday so I better get it right! Dammit...i should try to calm down my anger and miserableness ( :-) ) else ill get back into my habit of swearing which im trying to tune down...but i really should tune it up since ive got the part of Stacy in x-stacy and she swears quite a bit!
okay then...xoxo love yous all...peace!

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